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Joined Feb 9, '04 - from 'Somewhere in the midwest'. BittyBabyGrower is a Nurse of course!. He has '30+' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'NICU, PICU, educator'. Posts: 1,838 (19% Liked) Likes: 1,114

I have been a nurse since the lamps were lit and our nibs were whittled 🤗

I've dabbled in PACU, PICU, management, education but my heart always comes back to NICU bedside nursing. And believe me young ones, I can still run circles around you 😘. Looking forward to retirement in 2 years...just got to get those dang kids out of college! Lol Very fortunate to work where I can retire early!

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Nurse of course!
Somewhere in the midwest
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NICU, PICU, educator
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30+ years
Many! Keeps one young!
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