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    Austin 404, I am not sure how you came to the conclusion that anyone thought ADN was a stopping point for education. Thank you for the encouragement, but of course this information is discouraging because it changes the path in which we get to the final endpoint. It will take a lot more time and money out of our pockets.
    I had intended on following the same path as ruddergrl and madterriers: ADN to working nurse/bridge student to bachelors.
    I planned on taking a lower paying, part-time job while going through the nursing program for 2 years. I cannot support my family on a lower paying job for 4 years, especially when the last 2 years are going to be significantly higher tuition rates.
    The solution is a little more complicated then just getting into a bachelors program.
    It is better to be informed on this and somewhat discouraged then it is to be ignorant about your career strategy and your future.
    It's also important to get the word out because that will drive the demand for a solution or alternative path for others who are in our same situation.