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    Austin 404, I am not sure how you came to the conclusion that anyone thought ADN was a stopping point for education. Thank you for the encouragement, but of course this information is discouraging because it changes the path in which we get to the final endpoint. It will take a lot more time and money out of our pockets.
    I had intended on following the same path as ruddergrl and madterriers: ADN to working nurse/bridge student to bachelors.
    I planned on taking a lower paying, part-time job while going through the nursing program for 2 years. I cannot support my family on a lower paying job for 4 years, especially when the last 2 years are going to be significantly higher tuition rates.
    The solution is a little more complicated then just getting into a bachelors program.
    It is better to be informed on this and somewhat discouraged then it is to be ignorant about your career strategy and your future.
    It's also important to get the word out because that will drive the demand for a solution or alternative path for others who are in our same situation.

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    How sure are you about that?

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    Thank you. That's the kind of info I was looking for. Good luck!

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    All of you are further along than I am so I am hoping for some advice.
    I anticipate finishing my pre-req's in December 2011 and then applying for the Fall 2012 semester.
    I've already taken all my co-req's so once I complete the pre-req's, I will only have RNSG classes to take.
    Is there any way to speed up the program by taking RNSG classes in the Summer or adding a level 2 class while I am level 1 or something?
    Thank you, in advance.

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    Quote from fawnsternurse
    Quote: My question is why do nurses treat each other the way they do?

    My response:
    *Because they can.
    * Because they are not held accountable for their actions nor behaviors.
    * Because it is a female dominated profession.
    * Because they are stressed out , overworked and have high Patient to Nurse ratio's and they are exhuasted.

    I have been an RN over 20 yrs. In that time I have worked many different jobs. (Been a traveler for ten years) And I also have a tendency to have more than one job. I enjoy variety so I am constantly exposing myself to new experiences and types of Nursing.
    Recently I have been a receiver (not victim) of Horizontal workplace violence which in English is bullying.
    I returned to my hometown and took FT paying jobs.
    Here are my experiences:

    Job #1 wanted me to fraudelently document, write Doctors orders (like write them all out , not verbal orders ) they ignored Emtala Regulations and I was constantly listening to everyone gossiping and talking badly about their co workers.

    Job #2 -- Lied about me.
    It was a community nursing job. I told them that I was not available to do visits on a particular weekend. The scheduler basically forgot to schedule a visit with a patient and I was their scapegoat. Unbeknownst to me at the time , they placed a statement in the patients chart using my initials and stated that they emailed and called me about making this visit and basically I "blew it off" . I never realized this until I went into the office to do the recert and saw this in the patients chart. I was shocked!! I quickly left the office. Wrote a letter to the Director and CC to the Nurse Administrator. There was NEVER a resolution after I gave them plenty of opportunity to professionally resolve this matter so I left.

    Job #3--- I was subjected to ethnic slurs in regards to a patient and it just so happened that I was of this ethnicity. Also the preceptor that I had was not invested at all in training me in this particular arena and acted like I was a nuisance and inconvenience the whole time. Answered any questions with a one word response, made no eye contact and was condescending like I was a total pain in her butt. I had to just about chase after her because she constantly left me high and dry all the time. My Supervisor was also sarcastic and condescending, like a snake in the grass(I have heard her described this way) and now that I am gone an inside source told me she was fired.
    In ALL my years of Nursing this was the first time I personally have confronted all of the above and to think it all happened in my hometown!!!
    I have EXCELLENT references, have always gotten along with my Co-workers and have never had issues with my interpersonal relationships.

    HOWEVER with that said : I have witnessed and observed first hand the recipients of bullying and horizontal workplace violence within the Nursing field. I think its deplorable!
    As a result of everything I have written above I never encourage people to go into Nursing... EVER. I tell them to go into PT, OT, radiology and other areas where you are more well respected, not working every other weekend, holidays, high nurse -patient ratio's, subjected to bullying, gossip, rotating shifts to the point where you dont know whether you are coming or going( you see this in some areas more than others)
    I am so sorry if this is coming across as negative. Thats why I usually dont respond to these posts but I just had to share this time.
    This has been my experience(unfortunately) And now I have been at a contract where everyone talks about everyone so much my head is spinning and there is great dissatisfaction and unhappiness amongst the nurses.

    Now just to offer the flip side of this coin: I have also worked with Nurses who were the MOST wonderful Human beings I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. But generally job satisfaction plays a VERY major role in this presentation. And unfortunately too many places are just way too abusive to their Nurses especially nowadays with the economy being what it is.
    Question: were the "Nurses who were the MOST wonderful Human beings" ever bullied?

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    I'm in one of his classes now and I am concerned. He seems to spend most of the time reading bullet points and doesn't provide context or relevance. He prefaces how he would like things done by providing examples of "moronic" previous students. It's a little intimidating. Am I alone?

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    how much do clinical assistants/patient tech's make in TX?

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    How much should a new ADN expect to make in the ICU? What are the highest paying departments in a hospital setting for a new ADN?

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    I am a pre-nursing student at Austin Community College. I am HORRIBLE at math. However I have to take a college level math class next semester. Choosing which math class is like choosing which tooth I want to be pulled out so I am hoping someone with more experience can help me out and tell me which is the best math class to take for the nursing program (best, as in, most relevant and not terribly difficult)
    Thanks for your suggestions.