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  • Jan 28

    You need at least a year of dialysis experience to travel. Where do you want to go? I worked for several agencies 10 years ago and travelled locally. One of the companies did not take out taxes, which was a nightmare at tax time. Now I am on assignment in NC and love it here. What do you want to know ?
    A good resource is the Healthcare Traveler magazine online. You can check Pub 1542 for per diem rates. This is my first trip for an extended period away from home and it has been great. If you decide to travel read the contract VERY CAREFULLY. Compare agencies. Lodging stipend should be at least 1500 a month in most places. When you decide to go, before you sign the contract , check out the rates of the place you want to stay and make sure the company is giving you enough money to stay there. In NC they have a 90 day rule for lodging. This means that after you stay 90 days in the same place you get a tax refund check back. Make sure the benefits listed for the position is actually what you get. My job listed a completion bonus - but I don't get it. The lady said they is only with certain assignments. I said, well, it should not be a generic ad. Some companies give an extension bonus - not mine. However, my company has given everything they said they would. I hope this helps.