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  • Aug 29 '16

    I work for St. Luke's Health System and I hear mixed feelings on working for St. Luke's vs Saint Al's. I have friends who got hired on with Saint Alphonsaus in Nampa at $26/hr as a new grad RN. I know the starting wage at St. Luke's is $21.50/hr for a new grad (at least at Magic Valley, which Boise repeatedly tells us is the same as in Boise).

    Personally, I feel under-appreciated with St. Luke's. They are very patient-centered and provide great care, but sometimes it's at the expense of the employees. I've always heard great things about working for Saint Alphonsaus. By the way, these are both religious, private, not-for-profit hospitals. St. Luke's does not emphasize the religious aspect much at all; Saint Alphonsaus is a Catholic hospital and it is pretty evident when you walk down the halls.

    West Valley Medical Center in Caldwell is owned by HCA (Hospital Corporation of America), if you've ever heard of them. This is the largest hospital network in the US. I worked for a hospital they own in Idaho Falls and loved, but I hear a lot of mixed feelings there too.

    All in all, if you have experience I wouldn't settle for less than $25/hr in the Boise area. Boise is a beautiful area with a lot of big-city features and a small town feel. Just be aware that you are basically locked into either St. Luke's Health System or the Trinity Health System (Saint Alphonsaus). Good luck!