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Lice: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

Every year the boards here at AllNurses are abundant with the same question, what do we do? In this article I'm going to identify your enemy, give objective and factual options for treatments, and attempt to address the special challenges about controlling and treating lice infestation in the camp setting. What are Lice? The head louse, Pediculus Humanis Capitis, is a wingless insect that spends its entire life cycle on the human scalp feeding on blood. Unlike body lice, head lice are... Read More →

Lyme Disease in Camp Nursing Practice

As always, I am not an expert. All information presented below is correct as I understand it, however I possess no degrees or certifications in infectious diseases. I recommend you do your own research using the links at the end of this article, or other peer reviewed materials. History First identified in 1975 in the towns of Lyme and Old Lyme Connecticut, the history of Lyme disease has been quite muddled. To quote Dr. Ed Masters, a noted researcher in tick borne illness, the "track... Read More →

Emergency Response for Dummies

Making sure your camp's emergency response plan is in place and well understood prior to an emergency is critical to success. No response plan can be comprehensive; you cannot produce a protocol for every situation. Also, realize at some camps, response plans are less a written procedure and more of a "this is how we did it last time" thing. In the absence of a written procedure, or the desire to create one, a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of all involved is vital. A... Read More →

10 camp lessons.

My first year as a camp nurse I spent hours learning everything I could about my new job. I read the book, looked at all the websites, and browsed every forum. I was disappointed to find so little information on camp nursing. I have come to realize there are several reasons behind the lack of information. First, there are no experts! The truth is that very few camps have full-time nurses and a lot of camps don't have many returning staff. Even those who do generally only continue camping... Read More →

A Camp health center is like a septic system

Like a septic system a little maintenance and prevention goes a long way. I like to be proactive in avoiding injures, making sure your camp has a culture of safety will go a long way to reducing business in the health center. Accidents happen, however every accident should involve the question of how can we keep this from happening again. Making sure that counselors have basic knowledge of first aid, and things parents know that college kids don't, goes a long way to preventing and identifying... Read More →