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  • Sep 11 '12

    I spoke with ATI and was told "the questions in the book are the important things to know" which makes sense.

  • Feb 20 '12

    I would pick #2 because #1 is gone. #2 I am worried about airway since burns cause swelling, i'm worried about his throat swelling causing ineffective breathing. ABC & W Airway,Breathing,Circulation,Warmth

  • Jun 2 '10

    Hi all, America Healthways Education Center (ahec) in Artesia/Cerritos is awesome. I failed the nclex multiple times, and I did other review classes (kaplan and a self review of hurst) + saunders and mosby texts! I still failed...I nearly gave up, but was told that I shouldn't allow NCLEX bring me down, since I did finish nursing school.... i found AHEC on here! So I gave them a call and signed up for the next class.

    Reviewed for a month what I learned....and PASSED

    If you need to contact me....feel free. I am a true believer of AHEC. FYI I took the Exam May 18,2010, got my results in CA May 21, 2010...I'm a RN!