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  • Mar 19

    I call the VA the VA Spa. Even though the ICU I work in isn't a spa a lot of the time. It is what it is. The scooters some of them ride-VA Harleys. Change is slow but it does happen. Even though I'm an older nurse, I've only been in the system for 10 years after working in the private sector. Each VA has it's own personality. It took me a while to get accustomed to how things work. I love working with the vets. They are tough! I especially love the WW 2 guys.

    I transferred from one VA to another one 400 miles away. Because it is more expensive to live where I am now, they have locality pay. This adjusts your income if you move to an area where it costs more to live. I make more money because it costs more to live in this area.

  • Mar 10

    Reese 2012

    One of my coworkers had suffered a massive MI. Over the course of the next 2 years, she would be in the hospital frequently in our ICU. I worked nights and we would talk about everything. At times we would pray, other times I would just sit with her if we wern't too crazy busy. I was going to be off over the weekend. She told me that she wasn't going to have a funeral or put her obit in the paper and that she was going to pass soon. Thurs. morning I hugged her, told her I loved her and that I would see her on Mon. Sat. night @ 1:30am I had a "dream" that she had come over to tell me good-bye and she would see me later. I found out Monday that it was the exact time she had passed.

  • Sep 14 '16

    Geeze!!! One LVN stated that she got OJT. If many of you out there are honest, I'm sure that is part of the way you obtained your ICU skills also. When I was a brand new nurse, if it wasn't for the EXCELLENT cardiac LVNs (who had been there a few years) to steer me in the right direction, Lord only knows.
    I worked 14 years in a small community hospital ICU and many times it was only myself and an LPN working. The LPNs I worked with were professional, knew how to complete a good physical assessment and many were the times I wished I was working with one of them as opposed to the lazy butt RN that would get assigned to me at times.
    Current situation, no LPNs are allowed to work in the critical care areas...but then we have a PCA. (go-fig)
    Seems like sometimes we get all caught up in the number of letters after someone's name and forget that not all are the same, nor should they be all judged the same.
    God Bless Us Everyone

  • Aug 13 '16

    I worked in a 400 bed hospital. I busted by butt for these people, worked OT when they "needed" me. Gave inservices, did nursing grand rounds a couple times and a plethora of other things. I had always received excellent evaluations up to the year I "resigned" aka got canned. This process of booting me out occurred over a period of 18 months after I was involved in attempting to organize the RNs at that facility. Write ups for absolutely stupid things but they could get by with it. I had 9 years seniority as if that meant a darn thing. Would have been content to have finished my career there. If a facility wants to get rid of you, they can and will. Nit picking everything you do until they get enough to boot you out the door. This happened to me 25 years ago and it changed my whole perspective as far as loyalty, doing anything over and above my position and a plethora of other things.