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  • Oct 15 '15

    I call the VA the VA Spa. Even though the ICU I work in isn't a spa a lot of the time. It is what it is. The scooters some of them ride-VA Harleys. Change is slow but it does happen. Even though I'm an older nurse, I've only been in the system for 10 years after working in the private sector. Each VA has it's own personality. It took me a while to get accustomed to how things work. I love working with the vets. They are tough! I especially love the WW 2 guys.

    I transferred from one VA to another one 400 miles away. Because it is more expensive to live where I am now, they have locality pay. This adjusts your income if you move to an area where it costs more to live. I make more money because it costs more to live in this area.

  • Apr 8 '15

    Ha @ "the fish bowl". This was what we called our nurse's station on the adult general psych unit!

  • Feb 20 '15

    Most hospitals have an "at will" policy to where they do not have to give you a reason for firing. Any reason will do. I had a family member threaten to sue over a perceived error on my part and out the door I went. This patient was on probably 20 meds and the doctor had changed some of them. I went over each of them with the spouse and the wife. I instructed the family to take all of his home meds to the pharmacy where he got them filled and have the pharmacist go through them and pick out the ones that had changed. I did NOT document this instruction. He goes home, his wife does not follow through and he comes back to the hospital and I went bye bye. No listening to my side of the story. I went to work, worked my 8 hour shift in charge and at 4 :00 they gave me my papers. I think part of it was also due to my involvement in trying to unionize the RNs. I loved my job there, gave inservices, nursing grand rounds, many things over and above. Had excellent evaluations. I have not felt the same or had the same zeal since. This was over 20 years ago.