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  • Jun 7 '17

    I think it's doable if you're very aware of your surroundings.
    Yosemite said "KNOW YOUR CLIENTS, KNOW YOUR BACK-UP!" I 100% agree. Tell another staff member where you're going, don't give patients special privileges, know who's violent and know who's sexist. Don't be afraid to ask someone what a patient is capable of. I used to let one really nice guy come with me to set up snacks in a separate room... a more experienced tech yelled at me when he found out because it turns out this guy had strangled his sister while in a confused state! How stupid was I?
    People are reluctant to admit that psych patients can be very violent. The truth is, confused, scared people act out. I work at a pretty crappy hospital that will accept just about any patient (patients other places won't take), so maybe I'm biased. But, I have hard time thinking of many former patients that didn't at least attempt something violent, be it accidental or not.