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  • Mar 4

    I have a very difficult time understanding what you're getting at. You seem to be condemning the attitudes of nurses in a profession, nursing research and etc.. Yet you are bouncing all over the place with your different ideas, and then you are dragging your own personal problems into the mix of things. Because of this, it is very difficult to take this seriously when the tone of your writing is spitting contempt for nursing as a profession. It really takes away from the points you are trying to make in your article, and you are better off to try to keep bias and personal feelings out of your writing tone if you really do care to have your remarks perceived as constructive criticism. You are already aware of this as a student.

    From a personal perspective, it appears that nursing did not work out for you. Everyone is different and it doesn't make you any less of a person for not enjoying nursing. Everyone has their own different paths in life. However, I feel that you are trying to justify your decision about leaving nursing by condemning the profession in this "article". I don't think its appropriate, and it would be a lot simpler to say nursing is not for you.

    There will always be issues with every profession, but the wide-net of issues that were listed are not necessarily relevant to daily nursing practice. Which also points out the most important part of this. You are not a nurse, and neither am I. Nurses who have written the exam and practice go to work every day with large patient loads, they work to get the job done. Their priorities are a lot different than yours as a student. Remember that.