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  • Mar 5 '13

    Nursing is in such a sad state.

    I see people so excited and happy to receive their nursing acceptance letters and all I think is "you have no idea what your getting yourself into, go to college for something else!"

    I figured it all out pretty fast and didn't want to waste my life being stressed and tired out so I left hospital nursing after a year and am now in a residential treatment center in is a GREAT job, no stress at all, and I'm getting paid more to do it.

    So ya, life is too short, find something else because it DOESN'T get better.

    I'm planning on going back for my masters as well (FNP) either this year or next.

  • Jan 30 '13

    thanks for reply...i just check my unofficial result... i pass nclex rn....because of myGOD& JESUS CHRIST i pass in the first time.....i am not studied in the usa....we had paper is my first experience with computer god is great,,,

  • Jan 29 '13

    Quote from knitnurse72
    I took the NCLEX earlier this afternoon and it shut off at 75 questions, after about an hour and 20 minutes. Even though I felt okay with the test, I was thinking that I either failed miserably or passed with flying colors. After an anxious ride home, I tried the PearsonVue Trick and I got the good pop-up!! So I hope this means I passed! I graduated in December, got my ATT yesterday, and took it today because the next available date wasn't until Feb. 14, and I really didn't want to wait another 3 weeks, and I was feeling pretty ready (or as ready as I'd ever be!). So I hope the trick really does work . . .
    And I passed - just did the quick results from PearsonVue and it said "pass," so I would say the trick does work - woohoo - I'm now an RN!!

  • Jan 29 '13

    I checked my results today...PVT worked..I PASSED!! I am so relieved and excited to start the next chapter..start working as a nurse!! woohoo! All those hours at my desk paid off, thank God.. On a more personal note, my dad died a yr before I graduated at age 55 from diabetes and heart related problems(HF)he always said I was his personal nurse..I miss him alot but know he'd be happy for me. Thanks to allnurses, I really loved using this website..

  • Jan 29 '13

    To know if the PVT works, are there any people who didn't pass, who are willing to say if the trick didn't work for them (the website allowed you to put in your credit card to re-register, right after you took the NCLEX)? I see people saying the trick worked because they got the popup, then turned out to have passed, but to feel comfortable that it works, I'd like to know if those who didn't pass also didn't get the popup.

    I tested today. Yuck is how I felt about it... soooo many SATAs, had to be more than half! I'd heard NCLEX is easier than ATI/Kaplan questions, but I found it much harder. It's a crapshoot what you get asked.

  • Jan 29 '13

    I took the NCLEX on Monday and I was sure I didn't pass because the exam stopped at 75 questions and I just didn't feel good about it at all. I tried the Pearson Vue trick and I was suprised when I got the good pop up. It really gave me hope. All of a sudden I felt like I may have passed. Then, yesterday I got my results and found my name on the list of new RNs on the DHHS website. The trick worked! I went from totally depressed after the exam to excited and hopeful. Now I'm a licensed RN.

  • Jan 28 '13

    Its almost impossible to feel "ready" for the NCLEX. I always felt that I had to study more and more , but the more I studied, the more anxiety I got and nervous I became. Do a lot of practice questions leading to you test day, most important be CONFIDENT, believe in yourself. Once you sit at the testing center, dont doubt that you will pass, know that you will pass and take one questions at a time, focus, break it down, analyze and move on. Believe in yourself =)

  • Jan 27 '13

    Quote from emptyboxcars
    Congratulations! I'm concerned b/c I'm doing well on my cumulative practice tests through NCLEX 4000 and Saunders, but I don't do very well on SATAs.....I fear if I get a lot of SATAs, I'll fail the NCLEX. Any thoughts from anyone on this? Does it just mean I'm more likely to have over 75 questions, but still likely to pass the NCLEX due to the fact I can prove above 50% proficiency on nursing topics? I'm okay with that, just curious if I still have a decent chance at passing if I'm not super strong on SATAs....thanks.
    Boxcars- I had the same feelings going into my test. My experience was that the SATAs that I got in the exam were much easier than the ones I had been seeing in my studying. I actually think I was doing better on those than some of the bizarre off the wall multi choice questions. I did pass last week with 75 questions
    Good luck

  • Jan 27 '13

    Actually, I am not trying to second guess the exam and I am not convincing everyone here to do that during the actual exam. The important thing here is that we should be able to understand how the machine works and at what level of difficulty a priority question might be.

    Knowing this would help us prepare for the exam. For example if we know that priority questions are at difficulty level near the passing mark, then during our review, we must be able to achieve atleast 65% correct on all practice priority questions before we sit for NCLEX. That way, we know if we are ready or not and not just putting our $200 down the drain.

  • Jan 27 '13

    Yes, that's the one!!!

  • Jan 27 '13
  • Jan 27 '13

    me too.this coming thursday i will take my nclexrn for the 4th time.i hope not take it anymore.i'm tired of studying nclex!!!

  • Jan 27 '13

    PVT trick works. Congratulations!

    I took NCLEX RN in 2011 and it took me straight to credit card page. Got letter from CA BON stating I did NOT pass.

    Took it again Dec 2012 and got the "good pop up" and 2 days later, my name was on CA BON website. A week later, I got my license in the mail.

  • Jan 27 '13

    I took mine this morning for the first time too! Got cut off at 75 questions and got the good pop up when I did the PVT! Fingers crossed I think I may have actually nailed it! Good luck to everyone!

  • Jan 26 '13

    I love my job at a community health center! I have a ton of freedom, get to do a lot of patient teaching, dressing changes, suture removal, immunizations, coumadin clinic, routine sick visits like UTI's, flu swabs, and sore throats, etc. My favorite part is knowing that my assessment skills and patient teaching help keep our clients OUT of the hospital.