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  • Apr 12 '17

    I live in NC. I have considered LTC, and am still considering it, but have heard some horror stories about how thin they stretch the staff members in relation to the level of care needed by the clients. Even if I had experience for it, I don't think I would enjoy triage nursing over the phone all day. So, are you saying it would be easier for a new grad RN to get a job in a LTC facility over a doctor's office?

  • Apr 12 '17

    i am strongly considering seeking employment in an office as a new grad. are offices open to hiring new grads? or do they prefer experienced rns? i would very much like to go straight into an office over a hospital. another question:

    as a new grad rn, are you more likely to be hired into a hospital or an office? the job market for nurses is not very good where i live, so i will most likely be limited to what is available to me when i graduate. but, like i said, i really would like to avoid a hospital setting if i can help it.