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  1. Hi,I'm an RN with a few mos of experience. I work in postpartum at a big, busy hospital (3PP floors) in Chicago. I'd like to...
    Oct 10 '12
    Forum: Washington Nursing
  2. Loyola was bought by Trinity, I don't think they'll have a name change. A lot of my classmates had clinicals there and...
    Jun 4 '12
    Forum: Illinois Nursing
  3. What Juli said - you'll be fine. Chicago rent will run you between $700 and $1500 for a 1BR, depending on where you live....
    Jun 4 '12
    Forum: Illinois Nursing
  4. I think it's opening up a little, but definitely better for BSN than ADN. I looked at Alexian Bros jobs the other day and...
    Jun 4 '12
    Forum: Illinois Nursing
  5. They don't care where you take courses, just get good grades. I just graduated from Loyola's ABSN and I took all of my...
    Jun 4 '12
    Forum: Illinois Nursing
  6. I'm in the cohort that graduates in May 2012. I got in w/ a 3.0 cum gpa, but a 4.0 prereq gpa... and my low grades were from...
    Sep 23 '11
    Forum: Illinois Nursing
  7. I don't know about actual gpa rqmts, but based on the people I know who got into programs... I'd say Chamberlain is easy,...
    Nov 21 '10
    Forum: Illinois Nursing
  8. Hi there, I'm looking for some hints for those of you with some hospital experience under your belts. I've been...
    Oct 11 '10
    Forum: Illinois Nursing
  9. Hi all, I've finally made a decision to move towards an ADN, and I'm going to put all of my effort into applying to...
    Feb 26 '10
    Forum: Illinois Nursing
  10. Should you opt for the package handling position, I have some tips for the drive. (I'm finishing up pre-reqs for nursing...
    Feb 24 '10
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  11. Triton has only one registration period - January, I believe. From that pool of candidates they select the fall (of the same...
    Jan 3 '10
    Forum: Illinois Nursing
  12. Hi there, This thread is shockingly relevant, right down to the possible college options and Truman, where I'm planning...
    Nov 12 '09
    Forum: Nursing Career Advice

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