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  • Apr 26 '16

    I have quite a lot of experiance with trachs.

    Most of my T/V patients were kids who were severely neurologically devestated, and therefore could not cough on their own. If this is the kind of patient you had, by all means, suctioning them often could be the right thing.

    If this person had the capability to couggh or swallow, I would not jump on the suction machine as fast - someday (hopefully) they are going to go home, and they will need to learn to manage their secretions. A more conservative approach would be to see if they can cough/clear it on their own. Also, decreases the chance of tracheal irritation/infection/vomiting/aspiration (which in turn, makes your job easier haha)

    Good luck!

  • Apr 16 '16

    I work at a pediatric hospice and when I say that is my specialty, and moreover than that that I really truly enjoy my job I get horrible looks.