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  • Jun 26

    It would be nice if we could have an intelligent and professional discussion about this topic without a whole lot of judgement going on. I tried to find an appropriate topic before stating a new one but many (most? all?) of them have been closed.

    Right up front I'd like to say that federal law and state law clash on the use of marijuana in a medical contex, so there's no need for anyone to state that again. Also, the action of any state's Board of Nursing is unknown, and should be researched by those who have questions. (So, call them and ask! And let us know what you've been told.) If you know of documented cases of license suspension or revocation, provide links to verifiable information, but please, no scary stories without facts.

    I started by Googling the question "What is the role of the nurse in a marijuana dispensary?" My state is one of the ones that recently approved medical marijuana use and will soon be accepting applications for dispensaries. It's an occupational setting I would consider, so I am interested in hearing from nurses who work in dispensaries or clinics.

    I'd also like to point out the existence of the American Cannabis Nurses Association:


  • Apr 22

    I thought I wrote about this somewhere, but the end to my particular story is that I worked two weeks and gave my two week notice. The place was dangerous. The DON essentially lived at the facility, filling in gaps in the schedule; she called her husband in to do maintenance work on a volunteer basis. Nurses or RPs worked double shifts as a matter of course. The company could not always meet payroll. No policies and procedures. After my relationship with the company was severed, I reported them to the Department of Public Health and OSHA. I'm still pursuing payment for cost of treatment for a needle stick injury; they had no insurance at the time of my injury. They had no procedure in place for a needle stick injury and as a new nurse, I didn't know exactly what should be done and when; luckily, the source was low risk. I learned a lot from this experience but it was not the best way to learn and could have had very dire consequences.

    Good luck. Get out if it is dangerous. Report dangerous conditions to the overseeing authorities.