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    Hello Hello I am in St. Thomas VI as I type. I am staying in Red Hook in a Huge house on the hill. It over looks the ocean and red hook plaza. I can see St. John and St. Croix.... I can watch the ferry leave going over to St. John. I am here for 3 months contract ends Mar 6 I arrived Dec 3. When I first got here it was horrible, I hated it and asked myself over and over why did I come. The housing was horrible, I had a junk car from some con man Named Barry with Barry's Happy cars and I was absolutely ready to leave. but the company Im with Foundation Medical got my housing changed and finally after dealing with this guy about the car, I have driven 3 different cars since I've been here Im finally in an Avis rental. things are ok now. I have met some wonderful people other travelers and locals. I think the other travelers is what got me through the first month. I have some advise for anyone planning on coming here to work.... Bring someone with you if possible. just incase you dont become tight with other nurses you'll have company... if you dont like the outdoors stay home.... lizards are everywhere small ones to LARGE ones...the small lizards do get into the apartments sometimes....The hospital sucks and I mean sucks... dont try to change it. if you can bring something to the table to help your department move foward great if not just accept it and do your part. care for your client/clients just like you would care for them back home (The States).... The people come across as rude but you'll get use to it. just say Good Morning, Afternoon, Night when it applies, if you have to ask dont start off by saying Hey can you tell me or where is this or that. Say Goodmorning wait for a response and then ask for help. if you've never been a people person now is the time for a change. talk to people if they are serving you be kind ask their name treat them more like a friend who's fixing your plate at home than a waiter or waitress. These people deal with tourists all the time and the **** probably gets on their nerves. I'm sure they've had to deal with some pretty rude people themselves. For those of yo thinking your going to AFRICA lol lol your not. its both white and black there some asian puerto rican everything is there and they all get along good for the most part.... and you keep your patience and have a good attitude with them and they will help you out to no end! Even the Rude ones... just humble yourself and ask. When they speak it sounds more rude than what they mean for it to. It's just the way they talk. they honk their horns here alot.. but its mostly good honks that mean thanks for letting me in or i'll stop so you can go....For those that say it's not third world...well its not because it belongs to the U.S. and we are not third world but its def. not the states, you just have to see for yourself.... but everything you can get at home you can get here..... At&t is the major network provider so you wont rome and will have service anywhere.... K-mart is the major retailer there is no Walmart on St. Thomas. if there is something that you need that you mostly buy at Walmart buy plenty and pack it..... because K-mart more than likely wont carry it. K-mart is very busy because its all they have so it can be frustrating as hell to even think about going in there to shop. They have a mall but its nothing fancy. Shopping is good all throghout the island and of course you can catch the boat over to others. Travelers may not get a great car... I tell you because my agent didnt tell me... it will literally be a piece of junk so prepare yourself. and if something is not the way you want it. speak out and your agency should have no problem changing it. I cant tell you how many times i almost bought my own ticket out of this joint. But the orientation group i was with has made it easy for me. Im in a good place with a great landlord and i have a decent dependable car. I go out with the other nurses drink dance swim shop and have gotten quite comfortable... the next two months are going to be great!!!! and it will be for you too. Just know that when you first get here it will be a culture shock, you will be miserable, and mentally exhausted. but it will all change for the better. Make friends in your orientation group. exchange numbers and places. the islanders have each other and we too have each other (Nurses). Oh and ladies careful of the men... They are absolutely gorgeous and the most charming gentleman you'll ever meet!!! P.S. you'll need plenty of bug spray for lizards and ants.... Happy Traveling if anyone needs any advise or has questions hit me up and i'll do what I can. I may also have the numbers of some good people who also traveled here as nurses years ago and made this their home that would be more than happy to assist you in any way possible.... Going to St. John tomorrow! Goodnight

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    I'm sorry willing to pay you.

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    I would love to see how much Davita would be willing to train you. If you dont have the dialysis experience its just like having no experience at all. You may be favored and paid well but I've been in dialysis for 13+ years and they will hardly take the 17 years experience as a nurse into consideration. I work with a nurse now who has 14 years experience as a nurse and she's paid $26.00 per hour. she has only one year of dialysis experience. Davita trained her and she has been with them for a year now. In the city of Houston new graduates make are paid 25.00 to 26.00 per hour fresh out of school. Good luck I hope you get what you are looking for and I hope your experience with Davita if you accept a position is a great one!!!!!

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    glad I could help.

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    hello navynurse I hope im not too late. I currently work for Davita. I worked for them last december until around March. i walked off this job because at the time I was working more than 16 hour days and was working with very little staff and managment seemed to think nothing of it. Davita to me is like a cult. Its all about Davita they want you to think eat and sleep Davita anything else just simply doesnt matter to them. I quit and went back after i graduate RN because my best friend was assistant facility administrator and promised me it would be different. So I went back the pay was ok for the state of Arkansas 24.50 but to me it wasnt enough I am a new nurse but a veteran to dialysis. I found myself doing all the work charge nurse and PCT because the PCT's were either off the floor doing whatever they wanted or out of the building for whatever reason. again management saw nothing wrong with this. I transferred to houston texas with davita the transfer was horrible the davita recruiter did practically nothing to help me and I took a pay cut. can you believe it a pay cut from Little Rock AR to Houston Texas. the two FA's went back and forth abouthowmuch money I was makingat my Arkansas clinic. My home FA lied and told the houston FA that she was paying me less money then what she actually was. Then on top of that after I took the job she went into the system and put me in as terminated. I know this because after a week of clocking just fine here in HOuston all of a sudden I couldnt clock in anymore. The FA finds out why. Her excuse was that she wasnt sure if I had taken the job with Noth Houston Dialysis. My thoughts were regardless if i took employment in houston or not thats no reason for her to put me in as terminated i gave her a two weeks notice before i LEFT HER CLINIC. Shady huh? bottom line is Davita is a cult that has COMMANDMENTS you'll see them on the walls if you decide to take the job. Everything is done "THE DAVITA WAY" you'll here this more than you wish too. You'll be overworked underpayed, stressed out and unhappy until you decide you've had enough. Then instead of fair play they'll try and fix it where you cant work for davita again simply because you decided to make a decision to leave Davita for better opportunities. Bad co. with even worse managment. But hey I'm just one person with my experience. I plan to travel this way there is no salary issues and i get to see the world. Good Luck