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    Good Day,
    I live in South Texas and have been working as a medical assistant/phlebotomist for 15 years. I have had the opportunity to work in different specialties and have gained a well-rounded experience. I am currently in a LVN program which I plan to complete in June 2010. I have completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology in the summer 2008. I know you are scratching your heads, wondering why I didn't take the RN route instead; I did apply, but to be honest, my grades were average and not strong enough to compete. My plan is to complete my LVN and ultimately transition to MSN/NP. I don't know what is the best possible route. I have looked on line and seen RN-MSN, essentially bypassing BSN. I wouldn't want to skip the BSN if it will benefit me. My goal is to one day attain MSN/NP either in general practice or acute/critical care. I would love your opinions, comments. Thank You. LS