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  • Aug 14 '17

    Ok, I'm placing all the blame on dakkon, cause I'm WAYYY to tired to pay attention to dates....LOL

  • Apr 4 '17

    -Don't dip your pen in the company ink.
    -don't leave the crap work for the next shift, you make the mess, you clean it up....also, applies to full trashcans and empty water pitchers.
    -Never say "that's not my patient" or "let me find the aide" if you can do what the patient is asking.
    -If you see your 2 CNAs running around answering 5 lights at once...if one of them is your patient and you have a spare moment to answer that light...PLEASE DO IT!!!!
    -Whenever you ask a patient if they need something, they will....5 mins after you leave.
    -Don't assume that the aides know what the dr. ordered for your patient even if all usual cases get scds, teds, ice, etc....gotta tell us, cause some don't order em....
    -If you don't like the way I do my job, tell me, cause I can't use your feedback, or really care about it unless you tell me to my face...then, I'll probably still ignore you because of all the crap you leave for me to do as well.....
    - If you are in a leadership position...then LEAD! I can count on 2 hands the number of times I've talked to my manager....after 14 months, this breaks down to less than 1x a month about unit issues....just slap it on a wall and away you go....