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    I would probably say way too much to the hand waving little doc and be in a world of trouble. However, as a patient advocate, if it would help get his attention and get him focused on the patient and their problem, I would!

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    We have went to HMS with Citrix as the server. We were using Meditech. Everything is pretty much point and click. We do qshift assessments, but there are IV assessment, IV titrations, and pt rounding documentation that is done q1h. It has taken some getting used to but it is not a bad charting system.

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    Sorry about the typos! I am learning to use a tablet with with a virtual keyboard. Technology is very important..LOL!

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    Throwing stones at others when you are also guilty? Really, who has not shaved an occasional corner? We nurse under the gun constantly. Things are time stamped in some charting systems. Being late on meds, even routine, is not acceptable! Time and performance equal revenue these days...your facilities paycheck and yours. The higher "ups" will not tolerate any lags in your performance. You will be terminated if you can not keep up. You do what you have to do to care for ALL your patient and what you have to do to keep your job and your sanity. I function on the priority of tasks and the acuity of my patients. The one that continually rings the call light for pillow fluffing and pulling the covers up when they have two good hands does not equate with the one on life support, multiple pressors, and chest tubes down the hall! I call us the"Stepford Nurses". Maybe we need a headset and a pair of skates! Oh, and "would you like fries with that"?

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    Our hospital, as of last week, converted from Meditech to HMS charting. It is total chaos at our facility! We were given 3 days of classes 2 months ago before going live. The Super Users were given 2 weeks. Regardless of the "education" we received on the system, we are finding it is taking much longer to chart (we now chart at bedside) on a system that is suppose to take less time. We hit the floor running at the beginning of the shift and are never out of the facility until around 8 pm. And, to top it all off, the HMS gurus are constantly breathing down our necks to top our patient care to rid our screen of red triangles! Horrible! I feel like the quality of patient care is slipping.

    Does anyone that has used HMS have any tips or "shortcuts" that can help us do what is expected of the system and still deliver quality pt. care? We are dehydrating because we don't have time to drink..hypoglycemic because we are not able to go to lunch and eat (we work in ICU and can not leave the floor)..mentally unstable because our brains have fried! HELP!!!

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    In lieu of the new health care reforms, Obama Care, what will the future hold for dialysis patients? Will dialysis nurses continue to have a job? I am on the verge of changing from ICU nurse to dialysis nurse and am worried about the future for the patients and myself. Any opinions?

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    Thanks, Kasmus! I would probably really enjoy the acute dialysis based in the hospital because that is what I am used to. Code blues....bring them on! Only the chronic area is open now. I am glad to hear you enjoy it!

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    I have been working in an eight bed ICU in the south for over 10 years. I am needing a change and have been considering dialysis because so many of the patients I have taken care of over the years are dialysis patients or were heading in that direction. I had a phone interview with DaVita today from the recruiter that went very well. I have also received any email from Fresenius stating that they are reviewing my application.

    Do you dialysis nurses out there think this would be a good move for me? I love ICU and the people I work with but the corporation that owns the hospital continues to make it more difficult to WANT to work for THEM.

    If I am offered a job at one or both of these dialysis centers, which one would you experienced nurses suggest? Thank you so very much for your input!!!

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    Do I ever know what you mean! I can not even get to my patient for the people in the room. Our door opens at 8 am and closes at 9 pm. Only suppose to be 2 family members in the room but that is a joke. Supposedly, Joint Commission likes the idea of open unit. What about HIPPA violations?????

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    I have been a nurse in a small ICU for over 10 years. Progressively, over the years, management has become increasingly worse. We have only had one manager in the past 10 years that was a stickler for policy and procedure and treated all employees according to what the policy said. It seems the older I become, the more irritated I get about the unfair practices, playing favorites.

    Our policy states that a prn nurse and a part time nurse will work one weekend per shift. Yet, there is one part time nurse that only works 2 days per week provided she can not convince someone to take her shifts or take call, and sad to say, when she does work, it is very little work she actually does! Yet we are told we should be glad to have her. She is scheduled for a Saturday and is about to blow a gasket. The CNO came to the unit and the nurse pulled her to the side. She was heard telling her all the other managers (did I mention we now have another new manager) have worked with her about working 2 days a week, set days, and this one would need to work her this way to. No one heard the CNOs reply.

    Another nurse has not worked a holiday since last July 4th! Also, she has not worked a weekend for 2 months! She is a full time nurse. It is the same nurses that continue to have to share the weekends. She whines and cries about everything and after 2 years in the unit, she still can not function on her own as an ICU nurse.

    I am hoping the new manager will not cherry pick the policies she wishes to enforce. However, if she does and the CNO (also know as being a cherry picker) does the same thing, what recourse do we nurses who believe policies are there to be upheld and believe in fair and just treatment do??? Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    :angryfireWe have to keep them in our ICU until a mental health evaluation or the probate judge issues a court ordered committment. Our ICU acts like a prison and we are the wardens instead of nurses. That really irritates me!

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    Just found you! I have also been a nurse for 12 years...Med/surg, ER, ICU, and some hospice. I work at Andalusia Regional in south Alabama in a small ICU that is probably more like a MICU at your facility. I have 5 children...(2 Marines, 1 Airman, 1 in Law enforcement, 1 Nurse).

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    I'm looking at a program at USA in Mobile, AL., clinical nurse leader. I have my associate and most all prereq's for my BSN. It does award a BSN. My only thing is the CNL is new and I am 51 yrs old! How is the job market for CNL especially for an older(but young at heart) nurse? I don't want to waste my time, but would really like to advance my degree, my knowledge base, and my career.