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  • Jan 15

    The updated version of the PPS calculator I am working on is almost finished. I'm currently writing the instructions for how to use it and we are testing the calculations. COTs are complicated so the only way I could think to handle them was to have Excel auto-calculate the due dates of the COTs IF you enter the appropriate dates of all PPS assessments that are performed for all scheduled and unscheduled PPS MDS (ARD and O0450B).

    However, if you don't want to maintain everything electronically, the PPS calculator will still be usable for calculating scheduled PPS due dates (given an electronically-entered admission/reentry date) and then it can be printed and you can track scheduled and unscheduled PPS on paper. You just have to figure out the COT due dates yourself.

    I have attached 2 preview screenshots. The COT due dates are highlighted in yellow. Comments and improvements are appreciated.