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    I am currently working in home health, and considering a change to travel nursing. Is it feasible (sane!) to do travel nursing if you have pets? I have 3 large dogs that are my "kids".
    Are there agencies out there that are better at accommodating this situation? I would consider buying an RV to be my "home".

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    I like the idea. What I did was use technology. If you have a smartphone (or at the very least, email): Type a list of current meds, medical history, list of physician(s); scan in living will, POA, insurance info - then email all this to yourself and your backup persons with the title "DO NOT DELETE - (patient's NAME) Medical Info". It's with you everywhere you go. I've used this multiple times for a family member with many medical issues and multiple trips to the ER or doctor's offices.

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    Thanks everyone for all your honest and helpful feedback. You give me confidence in combining my nursing and IT skills to get an informatics position.

    Does anyone think the upcoming ICD-10 conversion requirements will open up more jobs? Would an ICD-10 certification help at this point?

    Thanks again for your input!

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    My career had been on hold this past year being a full-time caregiver. Now that I'm in the job market again, I'd like to pursue IT/informatics. Would like your advice regarding "my chances" of obtaining a job in this field based on my background and experience. I would like to avoid the costs of pursuing a masters degree or certificate at this time, but I'm not opposed to it if that's what it takes.

    I have a B.S. in Business Management and working in IT for 22 years starting as a programmer, and working my way up to positions as a business analyst, project manager, and department manager. I've worked in a variety of business environments - have worked on teams doing software conversions, new software implementations - you name it - just not in the health care environment.

    I changed careers in 2009 and have worked as a BSN RN for 3 years in med-surg. I do like helping people but the hospital environment is very stressful at times, and my body is tired after the 12-hour shifts.

    I would really appreciate your constructive feedback and suggestions regarding how to enter the informatics field.

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    Why do you want to be a nurse? That is the most important question to ask yourself regarding a career change.
    Look to making a change within your teaching career; if you stick with teaching, perhaps you can teach another (easier) age group, rather than high school students.

    The reality of nursing is that your first job may be working nights for a year. You will likely work every other weekend and every other Holiday if you work in a hospital. You'll work 12 hour shifts (which typically are 13-14 hours with minimal breaks and sometimes no lunch. You will find that despite your caring for your patients and families, the same isn't returned; people who are sick are not always on their best behavior.

    You're also going to go from "experienced" teacher to "newbie" nurse... it's a huge mindset change.

    Think long and hard about this change.

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    You didn't mentioned what area of SC... job opportunities are varied depending on where you live. LTC jobs seem more abundant here than hospital-based. Good luck to you.