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  • Dec 17 '15

    I graduated in May 2009. I have observed everything in student clinicals that you discussed and say BRAVO.

    One of my clinical experiences as a student:

    I had a one-day rotation to medical ICU. When I introduced myself to the preceptor, she seemed a little distant and disappointed to have a student. I decided to tell her, "Look, I know it can be a pain having a student on top of everything else you have to do, and I'll just try to follow you and learn and not get in the way." Right then, her attitude changed 180 degrees. She told me that she had just returned from a one-week vacation where she spent the entire time remodelling a house, and had stayed up until midnight the night before painting. She was surprised the nursing supervisor had assigned her a student on her first day back at work. But - she said it was okay - we would have a good day. And... we did. I learned a lot from her that day.