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  • Oct 4 '09

    I work for Davita now as a PCT and I worked for them years ago. I have never really had any major problems. We were always staffed good. If someone calls in we all have to work harder that day but that happens everywhere. I work with wonderful nurses and techs. Some days are better than others but all the staff works hard to help out. We always have more than one nurse on the floor (unless one calls in and we can't find another). Nurses respect PCT's and PCT's respect nurses. Never had any problems with supplies or cut backs. I get paid what I was promised when I was hired with increases. Medical insurance with DaVita is good (I've had worse). Training taught me what I needed to know. All and all I am happy with DaVita. I'm sure if I had problems like others have had I wouldn't feel the same way. I am blessed to have such a great job.