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I am happily retired after 35 years of Labor and Delivery nursing. My passions now are two wonderful grandchildren, quilting on my HQ 16, sewing, and going where life takes me with my husband of 28 years. I am primarily conservative with moderate views on a couple social issues.

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    Quote from toomuchbaloney
    A shadow government?
    Obama is leading it?

    Do you wonder why they won't answer your call or respond to conspiracy crap like this?
    Or maybe you feel like investigating that makes more sense than investigating the relationship between Russia, Putin, and Trump?
    Well, they never answer or if they do, it's a form letter that has nothing to do with the reason I called. So there's that. And yes, there is quite a bit of talk about a shadow government. You can choose to research it or not.

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    I think I'll call Senators Cantwell and Murrey to demand they look into what appears to be a shadow goverment, led by Obama. They will not answer my call, or respond either.

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    Quote from nursej22
    I've seen some name-calling as well, on another thread. I believe you referred to our Washington State Attorney General as a hack. Or is that considered acceptable?

    Yes, I did. And I stand by that. Based on some of the bone-headed things he proposes and also since such use of language has been blessed here to be used to refer to someone with whom you disagree vehemently.

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    Quote from Tweety
    I feel insulted, (as should others like herring that keep it civil) but I will chalk it up to your tendency to exaggerate. LOL
    If you have not been using the name-calling method of referring to the new President, then this did not apply to you. In this case I don't think I am exaggerating....but I see a LOT of name-calling...maybe from just a few, but it is enough to taint the barrel.

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    Quote from herring_RN
    I hope we all can.
    Unfortunately the current President of the United States has not set a good example for people to follow.
    But WE can set a good example....and that isn't happeing here or anywhere.

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    I personally would like the name-calling of President Trump to cease. It's disrespectful of the Office of the President at the very least. It wasn't something the Obama supporters liked of those who didn't support him, and most of us referred to him as Obama, Mr. Obama, the Prez, but never by names that were disrespecting. Any chance we can all start acting like grownups?

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    Quote from Spidey's mom
    I'm following the story about General Flynn from numerous sources and the consensus is that there is more concern regarding the leaks from our own intelligence community and that it looks like it was Obama's cohorts who are orchestrating the leaks to undermine Trump as well as Flynn over knowledge of the Iran deal.

    I've heard high praise for General Flynn from people who know and have worked with him from the left to the right.

    BOMBSHELL: Flynn Allegedly Targeted by 'Obama Loyalists' Over Knowledge of Iran Deal | Daily Wire

    That NYT's article Tweety linked had a sensational headline but the buried in the story is this:
    Flynn worked for and in the Obama administration as well, and accoridng to something I read yesterday, amid making heart-shaped and pink sugar cookies with the 3 year old granddaughter, is a Democrat. I think the leaks point to inside people too and if any of them are still loyal to Obama and unable to get over the elections results, they would be first on my list to investigate.

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    Quote from PMFB-RN
    Well kinda. Those states will also accept a passport. And it's not just "citizens" who must present birth certificates, it's anyone who is applying for a photo ID.
    I've mentioned before that my state (Wisconsin) has a voter ID law, but a Wisconsin driver's license satisfies the ID requirement. There is absolutely no requirement that one be a citizen to obtain a WI drivers license and in fact many non citizens have WI drivers licenses. My wife is one of them. She is not a US citizen but holds a drivers license, as well as a state issued ID for her job identifying her as a county social worker.
    She, or any non citizen with a drivers license, could show up to vote and do so no problem.
    Any talk about voter ID being about preventing non citizens from voting, as the propaganda used to pass the WI voter ID law said, is patently absurd.

    I am a bit confused. If your wife has a valid ID that could be used for voting purposes, but is not a citizen with voting rights, how is the law as proposed absurd. Serious quesion.....simply not understanding your last sentence. Thanks.

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    Speaking of boat accidents, if WA state passes the absurd law proposed by our hack of an AG, we'll be having one of those accidents also...or moving.

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    To your question, no a person should not be denied to vote without due process. But I would say that if they haven't done what they need to do, in the case you mentioned before, then expecting that required change to be overlooked on election day, is also unreasonable.

    To the issue of birth certificates, and using that 1930 date from above. Anyone born in 1930 or before would be 87 or older. My father was born in 1927, in a farmhouse, and had a birth certificate. My point about that was that as time marches on, they will be fewer and fewer of those of those advancing ages and even some of those will have a birth certificate. Should we wait until 2035 to stop with this argument? There will without question be another one by then.

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    Quote from herring_RN
    Because what you claim is no longer true IS still true.
    I will try to find a link to what I heard on the radio after you respond to my answer to your question.
    You asked several. Which quesion requires an answer before we can have details about the college student who didn't change their voting registration when they got married?

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    Quote from herring_RN
    No I will not get bogged down in details of one person's situation. It could go on for pages.
    Tell me why it OK to deprive one citizen of voting rights without due process?
    Then let's just call this anecdotal. The details here are important, but lacking them there's really nothing to discuss.

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    Quote from herring_RN
    Because what you claim is no longer true IS still true.
    Maybe if and when each and every citizen has a birth certificate and naturalization papers.

    What about the college student who was denied voting because her married name was on her driver's license and was different from her birth certificate? Should he have to pay $300 to rectify the discrepancy? (Poll tax?)
    Are you saying the student failed to correct her new name on the voting records when she married and then expected the poll worker to overlook the fact that her name on her DL was different from what was on the voter registration record?

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    Quote from herring_RN
    Because we MUST NOT take away the Constitutional right to vote of those " few and far between" America citizens.

    If the state of Texas can use common sense when challenged why not require that same common sense due process before depriving a citizen of his or her voting right?
    I am not advocating taking their right to vote away, but if there are only a few voter fraud cases (as the left wants us to believe) and we are to ignore that, then why not ignore this also.

    My original point was that at what point will we realized that not having a birth certificate is no longer true for anybody and start actually demanding proper ID to vote?

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    I have o doubt that there are citizens in the 90's who have no birth certificates....but let's get real. Those people are few and far between and will become even fewer as they reach the end of what I hope were good lives.

    Most and by a large margin, of voting age people NOW, will have to have can't anything without one. ID is required for all kinds of far less important things than why not voting.