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I am happily retired after 35 years of Labor and Delivery nursing. My passions now are two wonderful grandchildren, quilting on my HQ 16, sewing, and going where life takes me with my husband of 28 years. I am primarily conservative with moderate views on a couple social issues.

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    A feminist group that is Pro-Life was specifically uninvited, just for that reason. I have nothing positive to say about it. Madonna and Ashley Judd spewing nothing but hatred eliminates anything positive any of the other women might be standing for, in my opinion.

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    I enjoyed it favorite drum line was the Merchant Marines....for the way they lifted their arms and drumsticks up to chest level on between notes. And the pipe bands. And the military march tunes....Honestly, I loved it all..

    oh, and the Tractor Brigade!

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    Quote from Spidey's mom
    I have always loved Toby Keith. I'm a country music fan but more on the older end of country music as I grew up on that and rock and roll. I don't limit myself to one genre of music though.

    I am watching The Trump Inaugural Concert . . . it is the fireworks show now. Really lovely choir singing "Glory Glory Hallelujah".
    I was watching and sewing....When those Piano Guys started doing whatever it was with the piano I had to stop sewing, and then I turned on the DVR so that I can go back and watch it again. I thought the music was all great........ The Military band at the end had me on my feet, directing. Those piccolos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote from toomuchbaloney
    He also made paid staffers attend the press conference and behave like a cheer section.
    The priorities of a narcissistic celebrity man child.

    You can't make this up.
    There are sources to prove this?

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    If I were a biker (we sold ours a few months ago) we'd go in support of the new President, his inauguration and stand as a wall (if needed) to further support the security teams in Washington DC.

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    Quote from herring_RN
    Let's discuss the topic and not each other.

    I agree and I am headed back to "read-only" mode.

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    Quote from StNeotser
    For TNTRN, here is the thing. I'm your fellow nurse. It's best you don't ignore these things from me. I have a long memory. You don't get to ignore it. I remember it. quit acting as if you are the sister stalking me we both know it was the other way around.
    Much of what you just posted makes no sense whatsoever to me. But yes, I do feel like there are stalkers on AN.....and you have just admitted to being one of them.

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    Quote from StNeotser
    Let's not pretend you didn't share that post openly. What let tho this t=is that you didn't wnt to share openly your dislike ofr women, gays, immigrants, mexicans. Good for you sweetheart.

    Once again, oh, brother. Give me a serious break. I did share that openly, but in another thread, on another topic and it has no place on this thread.

    I will disregard the rest of that post. And don't call me sweetheart. Ever.

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    Quote from StNeotser
    Then honestly, I expect you to behave in the spirit that hte taxpayer/your insurance/wahtver luvin.feelin' it was given to you. Wishing you well, TNTRN.

    When I say best $$ ever spent, I mean our money.....nobody helped us with it, or gave it to us. It was not given to us.

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    Quote from StNeotser
    How's your husband penis pump? Is that still working? Is this wny you're horribly unpleasant to your fellow americans or do you have some other excuse?

    Oh, brother.....that is just plain funny. Clearly THAT information was shared in a post regarding prostate cancer or insurance coverage or something not related to this at all.

    That $500 was the best $$$ we ever spent.....not that is is any of your business.

    I am laughing uncontrollably .

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    Quote from StNeotser
    See my other post. Do oyou ever think that someone that was nasty to you when you came to a new country would be remembered. You've been remembered. Not for the right reasons. In the old country such an attitude could have had your head cut off. Or you wouldn't be invited to tea parties. Either or would have probably been the same result.
    You are free to interpret any way you want. Maybe you were sounding as if you were constantly complaining about this country and whenever anybody does that, it is easy to wonder why are you still here. Sounds like you wanted to not be here but had to.

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    Quote from StNeotser
    I distinctly remember you asking why I was British and why I was still in your country. I told you that it was because I had married an American Armed Forces person. That person on my divorce demanded I stay in this country because his children were American citizens. I was legally obligated to stay in the USA at that time and you were dismissing me as if I came from a mud hut and wanted to stay in your glorious country when all I wanted to was get out of it.

    As a result of that legal confrontation between my ex husband and I, I got American citizenship. I now get to vote.

    I have always found your lines of questioning unpleasant.

    I am not sure why you dislike your fellow Americans. I am your fellow American now.
    I went through a test and everything. It's not like I came shooting out of a random American womb happenstance.
    Ah, I vaguely remember bit of that. I am not one who goes back months or even years, like others here do, to check my own posts or those of others. If you find my line of questioning unpleasant, that is your right.

    I find some of yours distasteful, most of the time, but certainly not ALWAYS. So be it.

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    Quote from StNeotser
    Non answer. You actually don't get to say "what you endured and endured we did" if you odn't back it up. Actually you do. But nobody is lstening to you. By the by, I do remember you asking two times as an immigrant why I was here. I gave you an answer. Remember that? The next time you asked my why I voted for Obama. I told you I didn't and that I had voted for Jill Stein. I do at least have an answer for what I believe in.

    I don't remember asking and I no longer care....why you are here or who you voted for.

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    One of those people who "shut up" has felt for some time that it's just not worth trying to chew through the restraints.

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    Quote from macawake
    I wouldn't have thought that it was even possible to be this out of touch with reality. I read your post before it registered who had authored it and my brain immediately read the post as 100% sarcasm, because that's the only possible interpretation. Then 0.5 seconds later it dawned on me.. Nope, not sarcasm. Unbelievable.

    It really doesn't take a whole lot of imagination to understand that Muslim Americans likely feel quite anxious about the future and why they feel that way. How can you not see this? Where have you been for the past fifteen years?

    The minority of Muslims who are also extremist violence-loving Jihadists are likely celebrating the increased polarized us-vs-them atmosphere that Islamophobic rhetoric fosters because it facilitates the making and recruitment of a fresh crop of fanatics.

    The majority of Muslims who just like you or I simply want to live their lives in peace, be healthy and happy, love their families and have a good job to go to are probably terrified that they will be targeted, subjected to new Draconian laws, discrimination, acts of violence or loss of liberty courtesy of people who now feel that Islamophobia has been legitimized, thus feeling emboldened and empowered to act on their own fear and ignorance or hatred and xenophopia (whichever applies).

    This is a largely insulting post from you...and no surprise there.

    Were you one of those who tried to calm those of us concerned or fearful of Obama's laws and EO's after he was elected twice? Many of those fears and concerns didn't happen, in part because he couldn't rally his own party members to support them. Some of them did......

    I imagine fears and concerns this time are similar......doesn't mean they are any more concerning to those now just because it is Trump who will be in the WH.