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  • Dec 29 '17

    Absolutely not! For two reasons: one is that I already pay for people who make poor choices and are now in the entitlement mode to get free care. Secondly, if we had universal health care, we would have had to wait far too long for my husband's prostate tumor (which was into the margins but not yet metastacized) and instead of him being healthy and cancer free now, we'd just be waiting for him to die.
    As it was, he had his surgery 8 days after the diagnosis, and the radiation (course of 37 treatments) as a backup are almost over. All this in less than 8 months after we got the bad news. Waiting and watching? Surgery date months out?

    No thanks.

  • Nov 30 '17

    Quote from 79Tango
    I dont want my Pharmacist jumping over the counter to give me CPR but they sure have to have BLS if they want to work here!
    My PhD pharmacist neighbor teaches ACLS, so I will ask for him.

  • Sep 10 '17

    Quote from tokmom
    My philosophy:1) Make no med errors2) catch any pt circling the drain before they code3) get out on time4) get my lunch at the very least5) Be mindful of burn out
    Wow! I wonder if we ever worked in the same place? Oh, wait! We did!Mine would be:
    Don't hurt anybody.

    Get out on time (my personal goal for every shift)

    Work to live, not live to work.