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    So on Wednesday I did an automated interview for a kiaser hospital in Valejo, Ca. On Thursday I was told I had the offer via another kiaser hospital in Sacramento-a hospital I didn't apply and wasn't told of the switch until an offer was presented. Anyway on Friday they wanted me to make a decision and put a little pressure on me but I told them give me the weekend to think it over. On Thursday I was quoted a rate on 45 hr by the recruiter. On Friday I was quoted a higher numbers by the manager . Then on Monday I had some specifc questions about the unit of which they said nurses don't interview with the unit because of the volume of travelers and they would email the unit the specific questions. So on Tuesday I get a text saying that they had increased the rate by 27 dollars ( why would they do this when an offer was already extended). So now the rate is 68.05 an hr and the blended rate is 72. I agreed to take the position but am awaiting an official pay package breakdown not just numbers on an email. Your thoughts? Anyone worked for AMN recently?