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Finally Graduation Day!

Graduation day has finally come. The past year of critical thinking tests, quizzes, papers, and all nighters has paid off. My brain is now rewired to think like a nurse. I am not sure I would be able to take a regular test, which tests your knowledge base verses the world of nursing test that not only tests your knowledge base, but makes you pick the best answer from your knowledge base. I remember taking my first nursing test and thinking "Well crap! I would do three of the four! OMG HELP!!!"... Read More →

Clinical awakening

It was a warm fall morning. The alarm clock jarred me from my dreams at 4'oclock. I jump to turn it off so it does not wake my baby who is snoring in her crib. I almost want to pinch my husband in a jealous rage that he is sleeping so peacefully. I sulk off to make a pot of coffee, throw a load of wash on, and scuff off to get in the shower. As the warm water hits my back I am still filled with self-pity, thinking "what the heck have I gotten myself into?" I loathe my situation thinking that I... Read More →