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    TopazLover and herring_RN like this. I feel like I should go do some huge thing to honor the mothers in my life...sigh...and I just wanted to eat Halibut and drink margaritas.

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    Our pets are our companions.
    They don't make promises they won't keep.
    They never forget us.
    They will wait for us everyday and be excited to see us everytime.
    They will kiss us even when we are angry.
    They will share their food with us, especially that which they gather themselves!
    They help us to slow down and appreciate the truly important things in life.
    It is so hard when they are gone, but it so worth it to love and be loved by them.

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    There are extremists in every political party...rarely do republicans want to be represented by their extremists and likewise, shouldn't expect other parties to accept that either. It is somewhat understandable that the people in that area are a bit aggressive about this subject. They just experienced the murder of scores of their CHILDREN by a person with a gun and high capacity magazines. It is easy for us to "get over" this little incident...not so much for them. Of course, to acknowledge that takes a bit of compassion, something that conservatives are running a bit short of these days.

    Apply the same compassion to them that you do to the poor and the disadvantaged by no choice of their own...and they need to just buck up, get over it, and leave you alone. (the you is figuratively identifying with a stereotypical politically conservative on AN)

    It wasn't that long ago that conservatives were legislating gun contol with the NRA in support of improved background checks.
    Today it is simply another political urinating contest.
    Our founding fathers would be horrified with our current obstructionist political playground. They would be outraged that the legislators would PLAY with the well being of the country for the benefit of the very few, which includes the legislators themselves.

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    People with conscience and a brain typically do not engage in name calling, especially when the basis for the name calling itself is contrived.

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    In my mind, on call and case management are two different roles in hospice...roles that are often in conflict.
    More discussion about how that would be manageable would be helpful to you in making the decision. How does your employer expect that those responsibilities would be met?

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    "Brandy, what a fine girl...what a good Wife you would be..."

    Wife (please forgive the short musical interlude)

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    That is very true...any of the health care jobs where you visit people in their homes will give you a better than average perspective of the quality of life for average people in your area.

    I practiced in Ann Arbor and Detroit areas for a spell. The extremes of wealth and poverty were very evident.
    It is true her in AK as well, but there seems to be a larger "middle" range where lots of people live/exist similarly. That may be because many people choose to live VERY modestly, even primitively, in this area when they could afford something much "better".

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    "The nonpartisan National Partnership for Women and Families finds that "The mis-named Working Families Flexibility Act will mean a pay cut for workers without any guaranteed flexibility or time off" and that the proposal "erodes the basic guarantees of the Fair Labor Standards Act: fair pay for overtime work and time off from work."

    A senior economist for the Center for Economic and Policy Research writes, "Its major effect would be to hamstring workers-likely increasing overtime hours for those who don't want them and cutting pay for those who do."

    Instead of working to expand the middle class with reforms that reward hard work, this bill drives down pay and rolls back workers' benefits. Republicans have entered the American worker in a global race to the bottom. The only winner is big corporate special interests."

    Again, conservatives seeking to return to the "good ol days" of business...break the unions and treat employees like crap.

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    The most conservative stance is to allow marriage between gays.
    When conservatives desire to legislate to interfere in this right, they are pursuing a very progressive that says it is okay for the government to make these decisions about your personal life. Very intrusive and big government indeed.

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    According to Sarah Palin, I live close to Russia...

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    It has surely been an elusive goal.
    It is amazing to me the steps that have been taken, they way they have reached some of these remote villages across the globe.

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    Please accept requested lyrics...I WANT A NEW JOB
    music by Huey Lewis

    I want a new job
    One that won't make me sick
    One that won't make me cry
    Or make me feel three feet thick

    I want a new job
    One that won't hurt my head
    One that won't make me moan and sigh
    Or take to my bed

    One that won't make me nervous
    Wonderin' what to do
    One that makes me feel like I feel I could change the world
    I could change the world

    I want a new job
    One that will last
    One that don't suck too much
    Or get old too fast

    I want a new job
    One that won't go away
    One that won't keep me up all night
    One that won't make me sleep all day

    One that won't make me nervous
    Wonderin' what to do
    One that makes me feel like I feel like I could change the world
    I could change the world

    I want a new job
    One that does what it should
    One that won't make me feel too bad
    One that won't make me feel too good

    I want a new job
    One with no drama
    One that won't make me lift too much
    Or make me wait on your momma

    One that won't make me nervous
    Wonderin' what to do
    One that makes me feel like I could change the world
    I could change the world

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    Mother's Day Special Programing on Lifetime Channel.
    Sunday afternoon at 3:00 pm
    The Vagabond Band. A true story of the musical genius of a group of nursing misfits from around the globe. Musical instruments are created using common items found in the home, garage, and hospital. Solos by a nailstick expert, a teapot expert, and a vocal extravaganza by Davey Do Do Do Do, Ra Ra. Lyrics by Tewdles, music by Huey Lewis. Caution some language and adult situations. Brief nudity when Davey has a wardrobe failure (please wear undies next time and consider trousers instead of a kilt). Rated PG 13