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    We still have republicans in Congress wasting time trying to repeal ACA...
    how many times have they voted on that now?
    and how many times have they voted on a jobs bill, or other helpful legislation...?

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    Every single esoph Ca patient that I have cared for in hospice with a GT regretted having it place...every one.

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    I disagree with you and so I, and those who think like me are "what's wrong with America" and an insult to our military???

    Really? Cuz, see it is not people like me who want to make it more difficult or possibly impossible for the poor and working classes to get a piece of the American Dream.
    It is not people like me who support draconian policy which puts government in charge of women's reproductive health issues.
    It is not people like me who are anxious for the wealthy corporations to pay as little tax as possible while the majority of wage earners pay for those corporate entitlements.
    It is not people like me who want workers to be flexible enough to work without benefit of overtime.
    It is not people like me who devise processes that disenfranchise voters and require that citizens wait in lines for hours just to vote.
    It is not people like me who believe that 47% of the country are lazy, unmotivated takers.
    It is not people like me who believe we should cut SS and Medicare in order to preserve our corporate welfare.

    I am quite certain that quite a number of people who died for this country and who are currently serving disagree on some points as well, and may even agree with ME...are they also the worst and an insult?


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    Happy 4th!
    No fireworks in Fairbanks...
    first it doesn't get dark enough to really appreciate them, and second; it is waaay too dry with many wild fires making our skies smokey.

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    Situations like this are part of the reason that it is good to have homecare or hospice nurses visiting those patients when possible. Outside eyes can make a HUGE difference in the practice behavior of caregivers.

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    Our corporate citizens don't care about the health of the American people...those citizens care about the capitalist laws and regulations that affect their ability to make profit.

    Our legislators pass laws to make the few corporate citizens happy because those citizens give them $$.

    As long as capitalism is the foundation of our health system, rather than prevention, treatment, and outcomes, American's will continue to have the worst outcomes and most expensive system on the planet.

    Corporate health care groups will continue to lay off nurses as a way to insure their profits...even though people are hospitalized for NURSING care. They will continue to ignore the plethora of studies that directly link outcomes to nursing hours at bedside and minimize access to the very thing patients need because of the expense.

    They will focus, instead, on whether or not the patients and families believe that their hospital stay was enough like a 5 star hotel to make them happy.

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    GOP has tough choices on Voting Rights Act - Businessweek

    National GOP Chairman Reince Priebus began that effort well before the court's decision by promising, among other initiatives, to hire non-white party activists to engage directly with black and Latino voters. Yet state and national Republicans reacted to the Voting Rights Act decision with a flurry of activity and comments that may not fit neatly into the national party's vision.
    Are they playing politics with our right to vote?
    Citizens in states now will have to PROVE that the new laws undermine voting...rather than the lawmakers having to demonstrate that there IS fraud that must be fixed.

    US Sen. Leahy to seek answers to Voting Rights Act - News Local Vermont -

    Cathedral dean: Voting Rights Act ruling a 'filthy enactment' - Washington Times

    The dean of the Washington National Cathedral on Sunday criticized the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on the Voting Rights Act as a “filthy enactment” and asked parishioners to work together to reverse the decision.
    “We are a public church and public churches cannot be neutral where issues of justice are at stake,” the Rev. Gary Hall said to the audience gathered at the Northwest church.
    Leahy cited a Texas voter ID law that will require voters to show state-issued identification before voting. It had been blocked by a panel of federal judges but would be allowed to take effect after the Supreme Court decision. Leahy said it’s proof that discrimination against minority voters still exists.

    ‘‘That was a wake-up call to people, two hours after the decision came down, Texas moved to really limit, if you look at the face of it, voting and minorities,’’ he said.
    I believe that the thought that we are beyond racism and bigotry in our politics is magical thinking.
    If we are willing to look closely at what goes on it is clear that bigotry and racism are alive and well in the USA.

    The Roberts court has now dismantled the VRA and given us corporate citizens that are not required to pay taxes and whose entitlements are off limits. Well done conservatives, well done.

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    Cloudy, cool 4th of July...listening to the Moody Blues...

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    Quote from lhornflanurse
    Why not delay the entire thing until 2015/2016? Have you had a chance to read the entire bill? Do you think your senator/representative has? They pushed this vote through under the guise of "we'll figure it out later". There are a lot of good things in the bill, but there are a LOT of bad things. To me, everyone who wanted to get some money found a way to insert their needs into this thing knowing it was going to get pushed through. From what I am hearing from insurance agents, the whole thing is going to be like a will need a referral to see your chiropractor, massage therapist, acupuncturist, etc. What MD/DO is going to do that when it takes money away from their plate?
    Have you read it?
    Are you afraid of it?
    The insurance lobbyists were very busy first campaigning against and then for parts of the ACA.
    I wouldn't depend upon them for any factual summation of the benefits to citizens.

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    On a personal level I believe that all abortion should be avoided when possible.

    Women with an unwanted pregnancy should have all of their options available to them in this free society.
    Whether or not the fetus is a living human being with the same rights of neonate or other living human is a debate that is often deeply rooted in our religion and faith, as it is for me. I believe it is a sin. I have sinned.

    I also do not believe that we can or should legislate based upon our religious ideals.
    In this country, it is legal to terminate a pregnancy within certain parameters.
    Many people's religious and moral values prevent them from supporting this activity.
    Many other people's religious and moral values have no issue with this activity.

    In my view, we should decide individually and pray for those whom we fear are walking on the wrong side of that issue.
    If we want to be politically active we should seek to change the federal law without standing between the woman, her doctor, the man involved (if appropriate), and the right to choose abortion.

    I believe we should be promoting healthy sexual activity with lots of emphasis on preventing disease, pregnancy, and heartbreak.
    I think we should care for the children who are born into difficult situations.
    I think we should be expanding Head Start and SNAP.
    I think we should consider expanding our government funded public education to include 2 years of community or technical college.

    Government on the federal and state levels need to stay out of the women's uterus's and nurseries.

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    The Supreme Court on Tuesday effectively struck down the heart of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 by a 5-to-4 vote, freeing nine states, mostly in the South, to change their election laws without advance federal approval.

    This happened while I was in the wilds of Alaska. I am just now getting caught up on my reading and cannot believe this is true.

    Ginsberg, Sotomayor, Kagen, and Breyer dissented.

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    Depends on where I am interviewing...

    I may ask why the position is open,
    or what the best parts of the workplace are,
    I may ask about the management style of the "boss"...
    I may ask about patient mix, or insurance mix, or caseload, etc dependent upon the work setting.
    If the interviewers have been warm and friendly with me I will be warm and friendly in response.

    I often ask what types of attributes in a candidate will they be looking for or something similar.

    Good luck.

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    top 10 reasons against unions:
    1) unions interfere with management's ability to treat staff in their preferred fashion
    2) unions generate contracts which hold both sides to the agreed upon language
    3) unions are designed to protect the workers without harming the business
    4) unions help to create job protection/security for the workers
    5) union workers tend to make better wages than nonunion workers
    6) unions help to equalize pay amongst workers doing the same work
    7) unions provide a voice for the workers in the workplace
    8) unions provide a voice for the workers in the halls of government
    9) unions tend to make workplaces more transparent
    10) unions provide workers with a grievance process.