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  • Dec 25 '16

    that is part of the challenge of peds. you will find that this is part of your education where you have the opportunity to build on your psychosocial skill set. i tell my students there is "Book life" and "real life" and nowhere is that more apparent than in pediatrics. you need to do things by the book especially until you take the boards , but unfortunately real life has a way of making this seem impossible! Parents and siblings, extended family, moey issues, housing , availability and affordability of meds for all family members all play a role in compliance for your littlest patients! just remember we are all here to help you get thru and keep on going!!! the fact that you are recognizing your strengths and weaknesses and working with them puts you ahead of alot of folks in this world!! keep up the good work!!

  • Feb 14 '16

    Nurse sandi!!!! It absolutely sucks when an employer disrespects u so much that they say it's "your choice" . i was given the same choice in 2006 and i did 2 years of CNA Instructor and then i worked with an agency that sent me on a school nursing assignment and I fell in love!!!!! I have multiple herniations in my lower back and neck. i had a procedure called MUA or Manipulation under anesthesia that allowed me to work as the instructor but now it is not working anymorew but with the school nursing i have worked my way up to clinical supervisor/educator and have never been happier. I believe you will find your "niche" the same way i did!! Faith is a very powerful thing and i will keep the faith with you!!!!:heartbeat

  • Feb 14 '16

    Have you ever considered staff development? Also there are a number of sites with financial assistance for nurses try HRSA.GOV/LOANSCHOLARSHIPS/SCHOLARSHIPS/NURSING