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  • Feb 14

    Nurse sandi!!!! It absolutely sucks when an employer disrespects u so much that they say it's "your choice" . i was given the same choice in 2006 and i did 2 years of CNA Instructor and then i worked with an agency that sent me on a school nursing assignment and I fell in love!!!!! I have multiple herniations in my lower back and neck. i had a procedure called MUA or Manipulation under anesthesia that allowed me to work as the instructor but now it is not working anymorew but with the school nursing i have worked my way up to clinical supervisor/educator and have never been happier. I believe you will find your "niche" the same way i did!! Faith is a very powerful thing and i will keep the faith with you!!!!:heartbeat

  • Feb 14

    Have you ever considered staff development? Also there are a number of sites with financial assistance for nurses try HRSA.GOV/LOANSCHOLARSHIPS/SCHOLARSHIPS/NURSING