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  • Jan 8

    I have been a nurse for 3 years and currently work in a Level 1 trauma center. I was just accepted to the PMHNP program at UofA. Congratulations to you for getting in, it's a big deal and really exciting! Maybe we'll run into each other at the week long training this summer.

    The biggest reason why people say that you shouldn't go into a DNP program, or any NP program, without experience is that the NP programs are set up to teach you as if you are already an experienced RN. There aren't as many clinical hours and the classes aren't all clinical related because they expect you to have a strong clinical base to draw from. This is not the case with PA or MD programs because they know that people coming in are completely green so they accommodate that.

    You obviously know it will be hard, and seem to have really thought this out. You will get push back for not have a couple years under your belt before going in however, regardless of what anyone says the choice is ultimately yours. It is your career and if you want it badly enough then you will learn and work hard enough to compensate for the lack of experience. Good luck on your job search, hopefully you get the residency, working while going to school is tough but it will be a big help in the long run I would think.

    Wish you the best!