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  • Feb 17

    I heard that. If you are a new nurse and you need help let me know, I have a couple of contacts or at the least I'm currently working and can ask around!

  • Oct 29 '17

    I worked in West Hills and lived in Woodland Hills just a year ago. There are great rental options there and it is just down the freeway from Calabasas. I loved that area, the Valley is a great place and not nearly as busy as LA proper or Santa Monica but close enough that you can enjoy all the culture and fun that they have to offer. I rented a house for 1400 a month that included a washing machine and a garage. It was a two bedroom and I loved it! I used craigslist and never found westside rentals to be real helpful. As long as you are mildly skeptical from the beginning you won't get taken advantage of. Look around and be picky and you will find exactly what works for you. Hope you have a blast out there, it's a ton of fun and I definitely miss it!