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    wow an icing on a cake! I worked in Jordan Hospital for 2 years as Pediatric Unit nurse and the benefits are minimal.Thanks for the information! If we really want to save money and earn, Saudi is a good place I guess.No bars,clubs hahaha

    Wow nice King Fahad...heard good things about that hospital.My Uncle wants me to apply in Saudi Military Hospital.

    Goodluck to you too!

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    wow that means you are really good! thanks for the advice much appreciated.
    Skills International in Malate is my agency.Any advise on what's the best hospital in terms of benefits in Saudi?Thanks!

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    no I didn't take the exam yet.So that means I have to use NCLEX reviewers.....I'm scheduled this coming April 23.God willing I will pass.Thanks for the info.

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    hi! Im here in the Philippines and about to take the exam.Can you please share your experience about the exam?How was it?The questions focuses on what areas?thanks!

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    I am planning to take the prometric exam but the thing is I'm not familiar with it.I dont know what to expect.So, feedbacks from those who took it will be of exponential benefit.thanks!

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    i want to know what to expect and the feedbacks of nurses who took the prometric exam.thanks!