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    studentnurseCT - I'm sorry to hear about the problems you've experienced. BHSN is a really good program, but I must admit they can be pretty disorganized at times. If you get into the program, this won't be the last time you get frustrated over something that doesn't go as planned. Try not to let it discourage you, as the professors are wonderful and you will learn a lot. Just as a side note, we have a class of 120 or so and we only lost 4 so far after NU101.

    I would call the school back and ask them to look through their files again. Most of the time they end up finding the missing items.

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    Congrats everyone!!!
    Robinson - I am in Wtby too!

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    YAY! That's really great news. I bet you are so relieved! Congrats to our new classmate!

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    I think you meant to post this in the CT community college board. However, having also been accepted at NVCC this year I can tell you that I only got an 84 on my TEAS but had an A in AP1 and had all A's in the courses I took within the last 2 years, which I think is how they derive your GPA. I would definitely try to retake the TEAS since that is really the only thing you can change at this point. Plus, now that you know what to expect it may be easier for you. You have to wait 40 days or so in order to retake. Also, another thing to consider is that half of those accepted will be based off of a lottery system. So as long as you have all the requirements for entry you have a decent chance of getting into one of the CC's. I would also recommend applying to Bridgeport Hospital's nursing program since they take all your credentials into consideration. My overall GPA is probably around a 3.4 like you, and I was accepted to BHSN and will be attending there in the Fall.

    I wish you the best of luck in the application process.

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    I almost think that you should tell the school that you guys didn't receive adequate training. Just because the instructors had a long day is no excuse, especially in something as important as CPR. Sure, for some it is just a refresher but for others that are going through the course for the first time it is important that they receive solid training.

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    Jess- what a lousy experience you had with the CPR training. I wonder if it was just a fluke. I still have to do mine. Perhaps I can look for another program.

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    O man... That really stinks you guys. I guess I lucked out with the student that was working the day I went. Wannabe, I had the exact same problem as you so it wouldn't have been a good situation for me to buy them either. Imagine being worried about your pants falling down during! I am glad that you asked the director as opposed to just buying useless pants. That is really terrible that you got stuck buying them Jess. Perhaps you can try washing them in warm water. Wannabe, what did you think about the fit of the lab coat? I am surprised they didn't have a size smaller than a 4 but at least it isn't as big of a deal as non fitting pants.

    So I got the books yesterday and all I can say is I am now a little! I couldn't even lift the box, it was that heavy. Three of the books are monsters! The med-surge book is actually broken up into two volumes. I thought there would at least be some interesting pics but I had to search for them! It was almost all text...a little intimidating. Let's hope that they serve mainly as reference, as TH0r said. Good thing is that they pretty much all come with CDs.

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    Haha, yea… the tornado definitely made things interesting.

    A medical student told me that many of the nurses wear the Baby Phat brand, and that they are supposed to have a really good fit. I think I am going to see if I can find some of those to try on. If you're that small, you will most likely not fit into the cargo style at all. Those were much bigger than the standard ones. The standard ones I could have gotten away with but they have an elastic in the back and you still can't tighten the string in the front all the way because it is sown into the sides. The fit just wasn't right. Just be aware that one of the girls was trying to tell me that you have to purchase the pants through the school because instructors may check at any point to see if you are wearing them. However, she was the class treasurer so I am assuming she was just trying to push it on us to get more sales. After talking to the other second year student, she told me that it wasn't necessary to buy the pants and that I could definitely get away with purchasing them elsewhere. The funny part is that the first student who was trying to make me buy them wasn't even wearing the pants from the school, she had purchased hers outside as well. LOL! So don't feel pressured into buying them!

    The books I priced were all new. It may be important since if you purchase used may not have access to any of the ebooks that the books come with. Access codes typically expire within a year. Just from having taken AP, I know that the online resources can sometimes be invaluable when studying since they typically provide practice quizzes/tests. Plus the ebook feature helps when you want to look something up, since you can just type in what you are looking for as opposed to having to search for it through the actual book. Just a thought you may want to consider. If you don't think you may utilize all the books, it may be better to purchase used. Your right though, it is a hassle to find a decent quality used book at a good price. If you look on Amazon, they will tell you if they have the book used and then you can go through all the listings by vendor/price/quality to see which one you want to purchase. I just thought that the package would be the easiest way to go since you don't have to worry about not having something that may be important. Plus you may find them to be good resources throughout your career. The med-surg book looks great, all 2,300+ pages of it!

    Good luck with your orientation!!! Hopefully you won't feel as rushed as we did. I think everyone just wanted to get home because of the situation with the storm.

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    Just thought I'd let all you guys know that I just priced out the required first year books on Amazon. If you thought about purchasing them individually, think again! Through Amazon, you'd end up spending $725.36 if you have an Amazon Prime account with free shipping. If you purchase the package through the school, it costs you only $581.95. Therefore, the package is by far the better value!!

    Just thought I'd give you guys a heads up because I know many have been questioning whether it would be cheaper to get them elsewhere.

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    So orientation went well, apart from being stuck in the middle of a tornado just outside the nursing school and then dealing with no power (dark sweat box!) inside. We got to order our uniforms, books and some various supplies.

    The book package for the first year only cost around $500, and you could use a credit card for that. We should receive them within only 2 business days!

    We received a tentative schedule, but we will not know our assigned lab and clinical groups till we receive an email in mid-August. We will also get our summer reading assignment mid-August.

    The uniforms aren't mailed out, we have to pick them up at the school on our first day of lecture. You have to buy the shirt and lab coat through the school since they are both embroidered, even if they don't fit properly. The pants are technically supposed to be purchased through the school, but you can get away with purchasing them elsewhere (thank goodness!). The XS were so big on me that i had to hold them up in order for them to stay on…lol! That could have easily turned into a disaster! Just be aware that if you are smaller than a size 4 you may have a problem with that.

    I actually just realized that I never received a tour of the school building. Probably due to the lack of power, it would have been too dark in the lecture room anyway (it is in the basement).

    Umm… that's all that I can think of for now. If you guys have any questions, let me know.

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    Thanks jdoll! I'll report back in, let you guys know how everything went.

    Any word yet from BHSN? I would hope that they would at least call you whether good or bad. Have you tried calling the secretary to ask what the status is on the wait list? Do you know how many people are still on there?

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    Any one else as excited as I am for orientation tomorrow?!?

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    I believe Wannabe is correct in that the first orientation day is next Thursday. I can't wait! I can't believe it is finally here… the days have been flying by. I'll let you guys know how it goes.

    I really hope you hear back from BHSN soon! Have you looked into Uconn's program? They start in January, which isn't terrible. The tuition is pretty good too. Only thing with them is they have a couple different pre-req requirements. Worth a look though.

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    So I found out that I was given credit for public speaking after all. Thank goodness! One less thing to worry about.

    Thor - it's too bad we won't run into you on the 24th. You must be busy, however, this summer with the accelerated schedule. I know I am super busy with my 5 week microbiology course. I don't know what I was thinking in taking this class accelerated. All I keep thinking about is that it is almost over, just 3 more weeks! Well, good luck with your summer courses… perhaps we'll run into each other in the Fall.

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    Hi jtezzo, I haven't heard of anyone having a June 30th orientation date apart from you. That must be the makeup date for those who can't make it on the 24th.

    If you've read through the past few postings, you'll see that one person on the waiting list received a call the other week letting her know that her file would be reviewed again and that they would be making a final decision on her acceptance within a few days. So it sounds like they are actively working on the waiting list, and making definitive answers whether good or bad. People can still decide to give up their seats up until the first day of class, for any number of reasons. So unfortunately, there is always the chance that your friend may get a call a few months from now. However, I would venture to guess that they should have a good idea of what their final list will be by orientation.

    Hope this helps some. By the way, congrats on your acceptance! I'll see you in the Fall!