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Joined May 30, '09 - from 'NY'. Tina, RN is a Elementary school nurse. She has '17' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'Acute Care, CM, School Nursing'. Posts: 514 (55% Liked) Likes: 913

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    My big kid was born at 29 weeks: One pound, 13 ounces. Thirteen inches long... What a sick little guy he was! He is going to be 13 years old in December! He's the one I yell for when I can't figure out my phone...

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    Quote from OldDude
    I still have to pick up a few shifts at Urgent Care over the summer but mostly it's spent on the beach. We move our RRRRRRRVEEE to a RV park right across the dunes from the beach from June 1 to August 31. Spend the days and nights, cruising the beach on our golf cart, sunnin, kids surfing and skim boarding, fishing, beachcombing, boiling pots, grillin, throw in a few bud lights and general relaxation - bam!! The only negative part is leaving.
    "That there's an RRRRRRVEEEE." National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation??? heehee!!

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    Recently had a parent bring a student in first thing in the morning. Student attends school in my district, but doesn't even attend my school! Kid has a banged up hand from an injury at home that morning. Hand is swollen and bruised. Almost no ROM. Parent asks me, "Should I take her to urgent care?" Gee, ya think?

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    Quote from Farawyn
    Yea, um, you really need to hang out more, TINA!!!
    True, true...

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    I thought I was the only one that used the "Monday Morning Urgent Care" line! At least I'm not alone. Lol

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    Quote from Farawyn
    Anyone driving in the projected white icy slop tomorrow (moi) stay safe!
    I feel your pain. I am working at my per diem job tonight, right about when the roads should be horrific. I am so annoyed, I never realized how spoiled I was working for the schools!! LOL

    Be safe, everyone!

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    I need to find scrub pants that have a higher rise. I *hate* low rise pants!!! My belly is too big, and they always end up underneath it. But, most pants now seem to have that lower rise.

    Any suggestions??

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    Very interesting thread... I always like to read about types of IVF and the conditions under which they would be given.

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    Knowing what I know now, I would have done something else. OT or SLP. Maybe even PA. Or maybe a vet.

    I am very happy with my nursing career now, but it took a long time to get to this point. I would never encourage my daughter to become a nurse. It just isn't what it used to be...

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    Welcome back!

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    Once, an elderly lady gave me a pretty little trinket box as a thank you for taking care of her husband (Definitely not worth more than $10). She was a tough, tough cookie. I was stunned that she was happy with my care, because she had issues with several other staff members. At the time, I remember having a moment where I was questioning what I should do. But, I was afraid of insulting her, and I knew it wasn't valuable, in terms of money. So I accepted it, but did tell her that it was completely unnecessary. Maybe it was wrong? But I still smile when I think of her.

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    Quote from abc123RN
    When I laughed she just looked at me and said, "well isn't that what nurses do?" She now knows that isn't what nurses do!
    Oh, no she DIDN'T!!!!!

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    No way, no how, would I clean poop off of a shoe. It would be bagged and a call would be made to a parent for replacement shoes.

    Then, I'd have a discussion with the person that thought I should be the poop-scraper... (Assuming, of course, that the person actually thought I should be scraping instead of simply making a call home!)

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    In elementary school, I remember going once for nausea, and a few times for sore throats. I used to get strep throat a lot. I remember having poison ivy and my teacher putting calamine lotion on for me. I have no memories of going to the nurse in middle or high school... The gym teachers did scoliosis screenings. I can not name even one of my school nurses. Meanwhile, I go to the mall, and zillions of kids shout out my name, because I used to be their school nurse!

    Kids these days definitely need to work on toughening up!

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    I had an 11th grader come to me with a headache. He said there was mayo on his chicken sandwich at lunch. He does not like mayo, and was so annoyed, that he got a headache... *sigh*