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  • Mar 10

    Some years ago I identified a condition coined by me as, "Post Emesis Paralysis." This is a phenomenon that caused the child the freeze in the position they were in while vomiting. You've seen it...child locked into place over a trash can, frozen on all fours on the classroom floor, standing rock solid with vomit dripping off their hands and chin. Unfortunatley, only a school nurse can "unlock" this paralysis by speaking to the affected in a manner the child can understand; like "you can get up and walk now." The paralysis is miraculously unlocked and off we go the the clinic.

    But that's our job - snatching kids from the jaws of death - one kid at a time.

  • Mar 10

    I blame them. "What did you do? He wasn't vomiting when I sent him back to you!"

  • Jan 7

    Quote from TriciaJ
    How about just not giving out free stuff of any kind? That should cut down on the traffic.
    Because without students coming to the office requesting one of the free packets of lip balm, Flare would instead be fielding just as many visits from kids wielding notes from teachers saying "chapped lips" asking for Vaseline.

  • Dec 26 '16

    10+ accidents?? Holy dirty clothes! That would make anyone need to vent!!

  • Nov 26 '16

    Fellow school nurses and Allnurses friends, yesterday a tragic school bus crash in my district claimed the lives of six elementary school students. Please join me in praying for, or simply thinking about, these little children and their families. I have not figured out how to share a link, but the accident, in southeast Tennessee, received major media coverage. Our city is broken. Please remember us today.

  • Nov 21 '16

    Access Denied

    Yahoo has a rant from a father who complains of the school nurse requesting to give his daughter Tylenol because school policy says no. He further goes on to complain of inservice days impacting his life because he has to find child care. A snowflake upset for his snowflake, where we are headed.

  • Nov 20 '16

    This is a fun memory I have of trying to keep the "Santa spirit" alive... When I was a teenager, my youngest sister was like 7 or 8 and starting to question Santa Claus. She decided she would leave a tape recorder playing all night to investigate. My parents waited a few hours and then banged around near the tape recorder in a pair of boots and shook some bells, made some rustling noises and then it was silent. It was an awesome moment when my little sister played the tape back and was amazed at what she heard.

  • Nov 20 '16

    Quote from Amethya
    How do you do the gifts from Santa with them knowing it?
    I mark the gifts from Santa and deny any knowledge of how they got in our house, despite any eye rolling or blatant "MOM!! We know it's you!!"

    (Xmas morning, 6am)
    Me: OMG!!!!! Where did all this stuff come from?? Santa must have come!
    Kids: We know it was you mom.
    Me: Yep. Santa came.
    Kids: Seriously, Mom?
    Me: I love that Santa comes every year. Do you think anyone buys Santa a gift for Xmas? ...Oh look! The carrots are gone! The reindeer must have eaten them!
    Kids: Quit it.
    Me: I'm glad we don't have reindeer. I'd hate to clean up after them. Santa is so patient.
    Kids: Will you ever stop?
    Me: No.

    I am 36 and my mom still gives us gifts from Santa. Tradition.

  • Sep 28 '16

    As an ER RN, a lot of kiddos come in with ankle rolls r/out fractures. A lot of time the providers will basically xray it and say "It doesn't look fractured now, but there might be swelling that is preventing me from seeing the fracture. Come back for reeval in x days". That is where the "may be fractured" comment from the parent could have come from. Basically the ER provider covering their ass.

  • Sep 28 '16

    You could always ask the teachers if you can borrow their magic x-ray glasses, since they seem to send a lot of kids down having already decided that "it's broken". Broken to the teacher is usually staticus dramaticus to the nurse feeling cynical today...

  • Sep 28 '16

    Lice are gross.

  • Sep 28 '16

    You should evacuate the premises and put the school in a plastic bag for 2 weeks.

  • Sep 28 '16

    Quote from BeckyESRN
    I wish parents would care as much as about exclusion when their children are ill as they do when someone else's kid has head lice!
    Priorities. No one knows someone who had Tetanus, but lice, yeah that's when stuff gets real. You get over a virus, but LICE!

  • Sep 24 '16

    Any of our students with an epi-pen have a medical management plan filled out by their physician which specifically states when to use Bendaryl or epi-pen. Each one is just a little different, but I don't think a single one says to use pen upon exposure.

    Last year we had a student who had been in ICU for an anaphylactic reaction. Came to school with a detailed plan. Came into the clinic with symptoms, doctor's orders said to give epi-pen for these sx. I gave the epi, rode with her to the hospital and got reamed out by the ER physician who didn't feel the epinephrine was called for in that situation. Too bad, I followed the orders and did my job. Girl was admitted for observation, but released the next morning. Mom was thankful that I gave the meds!

  • Sep 24 '16

    After I listen to them drone on, I always like to start out my response with, "Well, you realize you are closer to death right now than you were when you woke up this morning."