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Joined May 30, '09 - from 'NY'. Tina, RN is a Elementary school nurse. She has '17' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'Acute Care, CM, School Nursing'. Posts: 518 (55% Liked) Likes: 917

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  • Apr 15

    Quote from hodagRN
    is there any company that covers correctional nurses for liability insurance? I too had NSO, only to find out this specialty is not covered.
    Whoa!!! Good to know...

  • Mar 13
  • Jan 15

    I have done elementary and high school. I will never, ever go back to elementary!

    I love little ones, but I don't want to be responsible for hundreds of them each day. Too much neediness, and the teachers in elementary are insane! The big kids are fun. It's nice to be able to actually converse with them.

  • Dec 12 '16

    WHOA!!!! Very interesting thread... I wish I had something to add.

  • Dec 2 '16

    My big kid was born at 29 weeks: One pound, 13 ounces. Thirteen inches long... What a sick little guy he was! He is going to be 13 years old in December! He's the one I yell for when I can't figure out my phone...

  • Sep 25 '16

    I'm going to need one of those shirts, too! LOL

    And on the back of my shirt it will read: "Did you eat breakfast this morning? Do you need to use the bathroom?" For all of those tummy aches...

  • Aug 11 '16

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again...

    LTC is TOUGH! I did it a long time ago, for about 3 months. I ended up going back to the hospital. I couldn't stand the endless med passes, lack of resources, constant short staffing, etc. I missed patient turnover, and seeing new faces. While I was there, I met some nurses that were absolutely made for it. They did their jobs so well, and clearly loved it. It really takes someone special to be able to do LTC.

    I went from a hospital to the LTC center. I'll admit that I was sure it would be "easier". It was different, but not at all easier! Like I said, I hightailed it back to the hospital! LOL

  • Jun 29 '16

    Quote from kidzcare
    "nurse's week" is the same week as Teacher Appreciation week here, so I get the benefit of the PTA bringing in lunch for the teachers. But NOT ONCE has anyone acknowledged that it is nurse's week, let alone "School Nurse Day". Very indicative of how the school views us.
    Last year took the cake for me... The school I was at celebrated Boss' Day for the principal (collection for gift card and flowers), administrative assistant day/week (office secretaries received flowers and beautiful new desk lamps), staff appreciation week (bus drivers and custodians were recognized and given a breakfast), teacher appreciation week (everyone expected to donate for a hot catered lunch and bring in breakfast goodies). I was lumped in with "staff", I guess? Nobody ever mentioned a nurse's day/week celebration. When they started a collection for a PTA appreciation lunch, I finally put my foot down, and "forgot" to contribute. Right or wrong, it bugged me. Then at the end of the school year faculty meeting, the principal gave each teacher a hardcover copy of some inspirational book. The TA's got something as well (I can't remember what?), and the custodians and secretaries each got a little gift bag (I don't know what was in it). Me? Nada. I felt like a huge idiot, sitting there watching everyone on staff receiving gifts. Again, I guess I was lumped into the general "thanks for what you do" part of the speech.

    I always say, school nurses are treated like toilet paper. Everyone needs it all the time. But nobody really gives it a thought until it's not there...

    Sorry, I am a huge downer. It has been a terrible year for me. LOL