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Joined May 21, '09 - from 'Doha, Qatar'. purplechicxiii is a Staff Nurse. She has '6+' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'OR, Ophtha, Med-Surg, OPD, OB-Gyne, Plas'. Posts: 433 (25% Liked) Likes: 177

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  • Oct 18 '15

    Hey guys! Just wanna share my own-devised Diet Mnemonics, came from various sources, verified as I use them to answer questions. Disclaimer: May not be 100% accurate. Hope this helps! :spin:

    CARBOHYDRATES (My Favorite Game is Volleyball)
    Milk, Fruits, Grains, Veggies

    CHOLESTEROL (A Sedentary Lifestyle Ends)
    animal products, shellfish, liver and organ meat, egg yolks

    SATURATED FATS (LasVegas Bars Beats Hollywood)
    luncheon meats, beef, butter, hard yellow cheeses

    POLYUNSATURATED FATS - plant oils (corn, safflower, sunflower)

    PROTEINS (Proteins BuilD Fearless Men)
    poultry, bread and cereals, dairy products, fish, meats (w/c has complete proteins/contains all essential amino acids)

    FOLIC ACID (FOOL) fish, organ meats, oranges, leafy green veggies

    NIACIN, THIAMINE (B1), RIBOFLAVIN (B2) - (Gain Money & Lives Forever)
    grains, meats (pork), legumes, fish

    PYRIDOXINE (B6) - (YMCP) * remember, isoniazid(INH) increase B6 intake; levodopa decrease B6 intake
    yeast, meat (fish), corn, poultry

    COBALAMIN (B12) - (ML)
    meat, liver + citrus fruits, dried beans, brewer's yeast

    VITAMIN C - (CCTB) citrus fruits (strawberries, oranges, kiwi), cabbage, tomato, broccoli

    VITAMIN A - (Eye Must Feel Very Lively)
    egg yolk, milk (whole), fruits, veggies (lively - green, orange, yellow), liver

    VITAMIN D- (Cute MilkFish Oil)
    cereals, milk (fortified), fish, oils

    VITAMIN E - antioxidants (ANTOV)
    apple, avocado, apricot
    tomato, potato
    oils, vegetable
    veggies, green and leafy

    VITAMIN K (greens) green leafy veggies, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, brussels

    POTASSIUM (K+) *Remember Vitamin K-clotting factor; K/Potassium-electrolyte!!
    think of rainbow colors
    Red - strawberry, tomato (but not apple!!)
    Orange - oranges, cantaloupe, carrots, apricot
    Yellow - banana, potato
    Green - avocado, kiwi
    Blue from blue sea - fish
    I/V Indigo/Violet - raisins
    + salt substitutes

    SODIUM (Na) Think of: Fast foods/processed, saltwater fish, canned foods

    CALCIUM (Ca) Think of: Dairy and Creamy (cheese, collar greens, milk, rhubarb, tofu, yogurt, etc

    milk, meat
    avocado, potato
    greens (spinach, broccoli)
    nuts, peas
    etc. (raisins, yogurt)
    tuna, canned & white

    organ meats - pork, beef, chicken
    grains (whole)

    IRON (Fe) think of: Iron is found in the blood, you inject meds w/ a syringe, and a syringe has a BEVELed needle
    Breads & cereals
    Veggies (dark green)
    Egg yolk
    Lliver meat
    *Orange juice increases Fe absorption via PO

    Tuna fish
    Yeast, yogurt
    ROH - chemical symbols for alcohol or if you like Rum
    Cheese, swiss; caffeine
    Soy sauce, sausages, sour cream

  • Sep 30 '15

    Quote from jerzel13
    wat are the requirements to take the prometric exam here in the philippines?I'm waiting your reply..thank you
    Pls see my post above. You have to schedule it through the WEBSITE SCH Testing | Prometric, not on the Makati testing site.

  • Jul 21 '15

    First of all, thank you so much for all your support and prayers. I will keep you posted. I tried it again last night and this morning and yet it still on hold. But I'm keeping the Faith. I'm trying to relax myself now, I think I deserve it. Lol:spin: Anyway, here's how I reviewed:

    Pre-review phase: Since I'm a batch 2008 graduate and I failed my 1st try, I did some self-examination if I can still remember book-based nursing practices - in which I can honestly tell, I cannot anymore. Lols. So, I did some research first on how I'm gonna review this time, believing I had to do EXTRA EFFORT and HAD TO DO IT DIFFERENTLY this time, to hopefully pass (and yes which AN goes in. I'm a member of this forum since 2009 I think but wasn't very active then). And this is what I got:

    -If you're a fresh grad, you can skip on just doing the questions and just look/brush up on those areas you have trouble answering. I did nail my Philippine local boards first time when I took it 2 months after graduation. And basically just went to answering lots and lots of practice exams provided by my review center back then.

    -But if you are not, I think you must do the content first. Study like you never knew Nursing. Plus, we all knew NCLEX exams are book-based, based on ideal concepts, and not what we mostly see in our real world practice.

    -Doing a self-review need not to be perfect. What do I mean by this, it's a trial and error, see what can actually help you/see what works for you best. You can read and consider other's review styles, but you can be the only one who will know which can work for you. It's YOUR EXAM anyway, so take charge, there's no right or wrong resources. But make sure you make a realistic study sched, you don't overwhelm yourself, it doesn't mean that others used like 10 different books, and you should do it also in order to pass. There are some people who only stick to 1 resource and can actually made it. Remember nursing goals should be SMART (Systematic, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bounded, meaning you have to set your schedule, Plan ahead!). Since we all want to be nurses, let's act like one even if we are still going to be one.

    -Study the way you want it! I studied quietly with water, snacks and coffee beside me, mostly in the evening until 3am or so (I'm a late-night person. I also studied that way ever since I was in elementary . I take some time off when my head can't take it anymore. If I don't get to finish my study goals for the day, I just move it to another day. I think I won't fully absorb anything I try to understand if I'm already tired/hungry/stressed. I will just be wasting my time if I force myself. Also, I take some time to release my stress, I sing and dance or I watch my missed Grey's Anatomy and Pretty Little Liars episodes. See a movie, play temple run, see my friends once in a while, whatever I want to do at that certain moment. After all, I'm a person w/ social and leisure needs too. It doesn't change even if I'm studying for a major exam.

    -Have respect for the exam but don't let it conquer you!

    -For internationally-educated nurses like me, take time to understand those English words you are not familiar with. Even a single word in the question can change the whole thing, isn't it? Let's admit it that English isn't our 1st or native language, so anything foreign should be fully understood.

    Phase 1: December 2011 - February 20, 2012

    SAUNDER'S 5th ED COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW BOOK AND CD - I basically reviewed for the first 3 units (Nursing Issues, Nursing Science and the Fundamentals) and of course made a few flashcards (lab values, formulas, common nursing interventions, etc) for the whole month of December. I was busy on some personal errands on that time too coz I'm working on my documents and for my dad and aunt, plus the holidays. But I made sure I answered every chapter review questions and review all the rationales (whether I got it right or wrong). Then last January 6, I did the 75-item pretest and got 64%, and it generated a 1 month Study Plan for me. Of course, I already crossed out those topics I'm done with. The study plan wants me to start Pedia first, then Maternity, then MS, then Pharma, then Psych. I actually relied on this one, coz I know for myself that Peds were my weakness and Psych was my strength. So, I was thinking that somehow Saunders Pretest did notice that. Lol. Plus, I don't have an idea on how to breakdown the units and chapters of that big book! It was really overwhelming! I also listened to the 3 audio reviews found in the CD.

    PDA BOOK BY LACHARITY 2nd ED - I had the 1st ed too when I tried for my 1st try, but did only 2-3 chapters and actually regretted it! So I made a pact to myself that I have to finish all 18 chapters. This is how I do it:

    Example: Review Cardio and Cardio meds from Saunders, answered the chapter review questions, then answered the Saunders CD questions focusing on Cardio, for 100-item exam mode. Reviewed all the Rationales and once I'm done, will answer and rationalize Cardio part of PDA - Until I finished the whole Saunders and PDA (excluding the case reviews) last Feb 20.

    I got this mnemonic from somewhere here in AN and just add things I've encountered throughout my practice questions from PDA and other sources.

    Phase 2: Feb 20 - March 8, 2012

    KAPLAN STRATEGIES 2011-2012: I already read the 1st part last December 2011, but I reread it again before I took the CD questions, got 68% for 180 items. I wasn't able to do the 265-item book questions though. The questions are much harder than Saunders but I think it will really build up your Critical Thinking Skills. Kaplan would like you to think and act like a licensed nurse on the day of your nclex exam - ready for any type of questions/situations, may it be easy or hard. One important thing about it: You will get lots of strategies but you should not memorize them, apply them when you answer your practice questions and it will be really helpful.

    DAVIS PHARM SECTION & MOSBY'S PHARM MEMORY NOTES: To push pharm concepts more onto my head lols. The Davis Pharm Section is summarized and the Mosby's is those with visuals.

    NCLEX-3500/4000: I somehow used them once in a while, especially the 3500 which gave a very good review for the Alternate-Format Type of Questions. I also did the Saunders SATA, audio, video and ordered response question a week before my exam date.

    KAPLAN QTRAINERS: I only did the 1st 3 qtrainers but I highly recommend these, they're straightforward just like the actual exam.

    EXAM-CRAM: Did few questions once in a while and carry the book whenever I had to go somewhere, trying to answer it while in the bus, train, etc.

    ATI RN MENTOR IPHONE APP: I also did some questions in here whenever I can while I'm falling in line in the bank, waiting for someone, before I went to sleep, etc. The rationales are really straightforward.

    FEUER AUDIO REVIEWS: Listened few MS and peds topics whenever I'm doing the laundry or eating.

    NCSBN 3-WEEK QBANK: I just started w/ it last Feb 21, got a score of 58% on the diagnostic test for 150 items. I just skim through most of the content review, trying to find additional info which I got a lot. But I did all the 20-item posttest questions plus the Qbank 1-6. My scores ranges from 55-100. But I don't rely much on the scores, but it can be very depressing when I get 2 consecutive 50's. But I take that as a challenge to do more. I go back to the content which I think I need more review. But I just hate it when it does have some technical difficulties. So to not frustrate myself, I did answer some of my resources while waiting for the site to be back again.

    AN STUDY GUIDE & MY FLASHCARDS: I studied them for 2 days before my exam. I also devised my own mnemonics for myself - which I think is more helpful coz I can remember them best. I also got some mnemonics in here but I verify the info first before I use them.



    HOW TO PASS NCLEX TIPS: Got it few days before the exam. I hope I had it before. Lols

    A few inspiring success NCLEX stories from AN users as well. Giving me the will not to give up and be more courageous in passing it:


    Prayer, Faith in Him and to yourself as well. I kept on thinking that I did my best and let Him do the rest. "Seek and you shall find, ask and you shall receive." Before I went to bed the night before, I prayed the rosary, and talked to Him asking for guidance that He may never leave by my side as I take it. I also asked for the help of my mom who's with Him since 1992. I am sure she also would like me to pass this exam as well. I also prayed after I went through the tutorial and everytime I get a SATA, until I had #75. Here's a prayer that was given to me by my aunt:

    Prayer to St. Joseph of Cupertino for students
    "O humble Saint Joseph of Cupertino, singularly favored by God in the difficulties of study and the worries of examinations, implore the Holy Spirit to enlighten my mind and aid my memory in the search of His truth and wisdom. Help me especially in the decisive moments of examination, protecting me from that forgetfulness and disturbing anxiety which often accompany them, so that I may grow in knowledge, love, and service of God from whom flows that wisdom which leads to eternal life. Amen."

    I also had this line from my former MS professor which I really liked: "I'm getting better and better everyday, in every way."

    Plus all the support I get from my family, lover, friends and from all of you here in AN. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.