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    As far as jobs, the program I was referring to which had students from the previous graduating class...about 50% of the graduating class within 1 month after graduation and taking the NCLEX had full-time job with most beginning at $46 an hour. This school has a great rep with hospitals and is a BSN program.

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    The med-surg floor and the hospital I worked at...same as my colleagues had a max of 4 patients. There is a law in CA that prohibits someone from taking more than 4 patients during a shift.

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    There are houses in Cali that you can buy for 200k-300k. And there are places to rent starting at $600...and they aren't in the slums either. If you want to be able to afford living in Cali and working as a can look for job in Northern California..where it is more affordable. And I'm talking about past the Bay area. Do you REALLY need a home that costs 750k? I mean, c'mon, really. Common sense...choose to live within your means.

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    I think the thing to take into consideration is yes, cost of living is high in California, but there are families who make $40k or even people who make 30k and are doing ok. You choose to live within your means or the glamorous life. My sister works and lives in the Bay Area and earns $46k (not nursing). She's single and shares a condo with 2 other roommates. Each pays $700-something for rent and they split utilities. She uses BART, saves, eats out and still manages to take several trips a year.

    I wish nurses in every state gets paid more! For the work that's done, they all deserve it! I can't believe some states pay less than $20 per hour.

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    It's very possible, but depends on where you are working. I know states that have an active union pay nurses very well. Here in California, a new graduate with an associate's degree or bachelor's can make $46 per hour..starting! Now imagine if you figure shift differential or holiday/overtime pay into that. Getting paid that amount and working full-time will earn you a little over 88k a year. Work some holidays or pick up 1 or 2 overtime a month and you will be well on your way making more than 100k a year. In the Bay area in Cali, I've known some nurses making almos $60 an hour starting. Some people may say the cost of living in California is high so that explains why they pay a lot, but really, living in California is not bad at all. So in Cali, a new graduate with no experience can make 100k a year.

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    I may be applying...I think the personal essay/goals will play a very important factor.

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    wow, several nursing grads shared with a nursing program I was in that they are starting out at $46 per hour plus shift differential, etc. This is in Cali.

    A lot of RNs with ADNs are making almost 100k a year! Many in their first year!

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    For those who have a HESI component to their program and have to take specialized exams, were you guys given a set of books or study guides to study from?

    I know ATI has books for the tests that are given during a program and there are books for each subject.

    I have been searching, even on the Evolve website and only read about the Saunders NCLEX book.

    Thank you in advance for any help.

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    There seems to be no difference in the Math subject when it comes to TEAS IV or V. English and Reading are the subjects that are different from each version. It would be nice if the test included several basic and simple algebra problems and have the rest be conversions and dosage calculations, how to read a medicine bottle label, etc. But like I stated earlier, there is a big difference when it comes to the English and Reading section, TEAS IV vs TEAS V. I scored in the 90s and 100 when it came to the TEAS IV in this area, but in the low to mid-70s when it came to the TEAS V. Scored pretty much the same when it came to math and science.

    I used to the TEAS IV score for applying to a nursing school, and I'm glad to say I've been accepted into a BSN program. I begin this January!

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    Quote from Vickan
    Did anyone create a fb group for absn spring 2012 SM?

    Yes, look on page 10 or 11 from this thread.

    BTW, congratulations!

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    Are you taking the class with SMU? When I asked about my prerequisites that I still had left to take, which were Patho and Pharm, L. told me they must be completed by August 31. When I spoke with someone at the Oakland campus they told me if I plan to apply closer to an application deadline but have 1-2 classes I still have to take which can't be completed before the certain prereq guideline, that it's ok as long as those classes are taken with SMU.

    I looked at the past academic calendars and it looks like the spring classes typically begin a couple of days after January 1! I always thought it was mid-January.

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    what prerequisite are you missing or is it still in progress?

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    Quote from jlntcn8
    I know that ------ has been out of the office for the last couple of days and will be officially notifying people Friday. I emailed her and asked her about my status, and she told me that I was waitlisted. Does anyone know how many people are in the Sac cohort?
    I think there are 40.

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    Quote from cateisgreat
    Hey maia99 and heartfelttouch, glad you are here for the long wait

    My science GPA is 4.0 and my last 60 was 3.87. As for the TEAS, I took version V a few weeks ago. I got a composite of 90.7%, Reading 88.7%, Math 96.7%, Science 87.5%, and English 93.3%. Honestly, from what I can gather from reading old threads here, there is no one indicator that predicts who will get in to this program
    How about you guys?

    Just looked at this older post...I agree. Just because you have a high GPA or high test scores doesn't mean you will definitely get in and if you have a lower GPA or TEAS score doesn't mean you won't get in. I have a higher GPA in my last 60 than my science prerequisite GPA. I believe my letters of recommendation helped...a former professor that I took a 6 week anatomy and a 6 week physiology class with over summer 2010 submitted one and so did a former co-worker of mine...I worked for a community college. I was looking back at the essays I submitted and believe that helped me out a lot.

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    We can get DIRECT PLUS Loans as an undergrad? I always thought it was for graduate school.