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  • Apr 13

    I think the thing to take into consideration is yes, cost of living is high in California, but there are families who make $40k or even people who make 30k and are doing ok. You choose to live within your means or the glamorous life. My sister works and lives in the Bay Area and earns $46k (not nursing). She's single and shares a condo with 2 other roommates. Each pays $700-something for rent and they split utilities. She uses BART, saves, eats out and still manages to take several trips a year.

    I wish nurses in every state gets paid more! For the work that's done, they all deserve it! I can't believe some states pay less than $20 per hour.

  • Apr 13

    It's very possible, but depends on where you are working. I know states that have an active union pay nurses very well. Here in California, a new graduate with an associate's degree or bachelor's can make $46 per hour..starting! Now imagine if you figure shift differential or holiday/overtime pay into that. Getting paid that amount and working full-time will earn you a little over 88k a year. Work some holidays or pick up 1 or 2 overtime a month and you will be well on your way making more than 100k a year. In the Bay area in Cali, I've known some nurses making almos $60 an hour starting. Some people may say the cost of living in California is high so that explains why they pay a lot, but really, living in California is not bad at all. So in Cali, a new graduate with no experience can make 100k a year.

  • Jun 14 '17

    Quote from ChristineN
    How did we go to talking about nose piercings to lack of respect?!? While I don't have a nose ring, I do have an industrial in my one ear (see pic for those not familiar. http://,r:0,s:0

    I did not have the piercing in nursing school as I was well aware I would have to take it out everyday for clinical. As soon as I graduated, I got my piercing and I've had no issues. Sure, pt's and families notice it sometimes, but I hope they are judging me on my pt care and my character and not on one piercing I have. If anything, 90% of people ask me "did that hurt?" I feel that majority of of people have no issues with it. I do try not to draw attention to it at work, but when I have my hair up, it tends to be visible more.
    That's what I'm saying. Ok there are some piercings that would make someone not want to be helped by you, but if it's nothing drastic or even if you have tattoos showing but you are competent with you job...what's the problem? And as far as a safety issue...well patients can pull on your earring of your ear too. So why does it make a difference whether there is one on your nose vs. your ears?