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  • Jun 26 '12

    I agree with shadowing at the clinic. Is there a chance to talk to this RN about the position or anyone else that works there?

    It is hard to believe the RN at this clinic is not busy. There is always something that needs done while the patients are doing their treatment.

  • Jun 9 '12

    .75 and 0.75 is a really big mistake. We were taught in nursing school on like the 2nd week of class to NEVER put .75 always 0.75 why? Because of incidents like this because .75 looks like 75. unless the . is the size of a 0 than it is a mistake! Maybe pharm and the LVN SHOULD have catched it but they didnt because as a nurse you should know NOT to use .75 and always use 0.75. You started the chain of events by taking the phone order and incorrectly writing it down. I mean no offense to you and I am sure you are a great nurse but 75mg and .75 mg is a huge difference and could be life threatening! It litterally is 75X the intended dose.