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    Lol.....I just asked my husband if he knew the name of his BP medication. He only knew "It starts with an L."Lisinopril! Made him repeat it until he remembered. I will test him on it in one week.

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    They were going to fire you for not scanning fluids? That seems weird. I forget to scan fluids a there more to this story?I would forget about this place and look for another job.

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    I served on a jury a few years ago. It was a robbery case. I thought it was an awesome interesting experience. I can't remember now if I got paid....but it was no problem getting the time off. The case lasted 4 days. I say go for it!

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    The pt will stop having BMs when a stool sample is ordered!

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    Potassium pills will become smaller so all these little old folks will be able to swallow them!GoLytely will not be a huge gallon jug but a small pill!Ativan 2mg po will be a nursing order so we can give it to anxious family members!

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    Quote from FORTHELOVEOF!!!!
    I mean if her blood pressure is within normal limits or lower, hold the med and call the doc to see where he wants to go from there. If higher than normal limits, give it. But I feel the same way, if it feels wrong, I'm not doing it.
    If the patients blood pressure is normal you don't have to hold the medication. The BP med is keeping the blood pressure normal. The doctor would not want to be called about holding a BP med for a normal pressure.Good job OP for checking with the primary RN. Your teacher seems weird. Our job is not to "sell" the patients into taking their meds in this situation.

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    Quote from yiyayiya
    The medical professionals, whether it be nurses or doctors ARE NOT IN CONTROL. It is the patients body and they decide what happens, noone else. I have a list of procedures that I will never consent to and if any medical person goes against this regardless of the consequences, they will be in court so fast for battery and will also be making an appearance in front of the medical disciplinary council. I expect doctors to advise me what they think would be the best course of action and to discuss all the options. They will NEVER tell me what I am going to have done
    Yiyayiya,This post is two years old. You keep posting how you will refuse all these procedures and how you will take medical personel to court for battery. I hope you don't end up at the hospital where I work. Yes patients do have the right to refuse....but why show up at a hospital and refuse care? Doctors don't order tests and procedures to torture people.

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