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Joined Apr 23, '09 - from 'Bothell, WA'. Skip219 is a Cath Lab RN. He has '25+' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'ICU, SICU, Burns, ED, Cath lab, and EMS'. Posts: 144 (31% Liked) Likes: 96

Started out in EMS and need more of a challenge so I went into nursing. I worked in critical care for 9 yrs. I was CCRN certified from 89-2005. I was in the US Army Reserve Nurse Corps.Subsequently, I havce worked in Cath Lab about thirteen years.

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Cath Lab RN
Bothell, WA
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ICU, SICU, Burns, ED, Cath lab, and EMS
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25+ years
Travel, golf, homebrewing, and cooking
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