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  • Nov 6 '15

    I have to admit when I read the mcdonalds idea I thought "no way in heck". I started thinking about it though in relation to the toddler (almost 3yrs) I have now, as opposed to how my older children were. He requires less supervision than they did in terms of "playing nice" and not doing things that endanger life, limb or eyesight. The older three are in school so its just him during the day. Some of the McDonalds in the city near my town have renovated and have that new setup where the playplace is in a spacious room with lots of tables. I tried it once last week, and got a lot done! So I did it again today too.

    I am currently taking Organic Chem (the Chem major one that has two parts over two semesters) and I never would have thought it would work but I am able to work through problems while he plays. I may need a quieter time to memorize reaction mechanisms but it is just right for doing the problems.