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  • Oct 12 '17

    Chemistry is hard for many many people. I read a pre-pharmacy forum b/c I am also applying to a Pharm D program next year (Nursing is one of my alternates) and many of the pre-pharmers (and you know pharmacy relies on chem and biochem a lot) are getting Bs, and some even C+s in General Chem and Organic Chem....and still getting in to Pharmacy school.

    I am currently re-taking the first semester of the two-semester Organic Chem (I WPed out of lecture the first time) and I get discouraged at times. I could really use an A in the class but I think I am looking at a B. When I get discouraged, I think of a question asked on that Pharm forum - someone comes on and says - I got a B in General Chem...Do you think I am going to be able to get into Pharmacy school? Someone replied "Better start looking at truck-driving schools" - (its a joke - b/c getting that B is no where near the end of the world).

    I have worked with Chem majors at school that would show up to work (I worked at the library) just frazzled and looking like they had smoke coming out of their ears b/c they were taking Physical Chemistry that term. So, even the Chem majors have a rough go at it sometimes.

    Finally, General Chemistry is not easy b/c it is a huge survey of Chemistry. I am prepping to take the PCAT next month and I did a practice test. I bombed the general chemistry section of the Chem block of the exam. I have to re-learn everything to do with moles and molarity, pKa, etc...I have to re-learn logarithms so I know wtheck is going on in those kinds of questions. Its really daunting to consider.

    You got a B - you passed...well! Enjoy your summer and be happy you don't have to take it again!