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    Hello. New grad programs vary from hospital to hospital. I've been calling around to many hospitals in the area, and most of them said to apply in January and February for summer new grad programs. Materials are online for many hospitals, but HCMC will not have information available until February (according to their nurse recruiter). As far as new grad pay, an HR staff member from North Memorial Hospital told my clinical group that new grads earn $26.xx/hour in the Twin Cities, and that pay rates are very similar between hospitals in this area. Credit is typically given for experience (LPN or RN). North Memorial requires that those who go through their new grad program work for them for at least one year, I do not know of requirements for other programs. Good luck in school, and in your job search!

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    I will be graduating with my BSN next spring and will likely be moving to Sioux Falls (from Minneapolis). Are there any out there who have had experiences in the hospitals as new grads? In general, are hospital RN jobs hard to come by in Sioux Falls? Any information on your experience as a nurse in Sioux Falls is appreciated. Thank you!

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    Hi. I will be a Junior nursing student this fall. I am thinking about studying abroad or volunteering abroad next summer, specifically in Africa. I would love to hear about anyone's experiences abroad, either during or after nursing school. Thanks!

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    Hello. I am a nursing student at the U of M and am wondering if anyone has experience with tuition reimbursement programs at Twin Cities hospitals? I am coming to the realization, after spending so much time worrying about being accepted to the nursing program, that I do not have enough $$ to actually attend the U for 3 more years ... I would love to hear about any programs you've come across or had experience with. Thanks!!

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    Hello good nurses,
    I will be applying to nursing school in a few months and have been interested in Psych Nursing for awhile now. I went to an interview for a volunteer position at a local hospital today, and will be starting in the adolescent mental health area as a visitor/buddy shortly. I am an introverted person and am always overly nervous during interviews. When questioning why I wanted to volunteer in this particular unit, the person interviewing me made the comment "I just don't want you to be eaten alive in there." I work in a group home right now and have some experience with adult MI and CD. Does anyone here have experience with the teen population? Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated.