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  1. Hello. New grad programs vary from hospital to hospital. I've been calling around to many hospitals in the area, and most of...
    Nov 19 '06
    Forum: Minnesota Nursing
  2. I will be graduating with my BSN next spring and will likely be moving to Sioux Falls (from Minneapolis). Are there any out...
    Jun 8 '06
    Forum: South Dakota Nursing
  3. Hi. I will be a Junior nursing student this fall. I am thinking about studying abroad or volunteering abroad next summer,...
    Aug 4 '05
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  4. Hello. I am a nursing student at the U of M and am wondering if anyone has experience with tuition reimbursement programs at...
    Jun 9 '04
    Forum: Minnesota Nursing
  5. Hello good nurses, I will be applying to nursing school in a few months and have been interested in Psych Nursing for...
    Nov 26 '03
    Forum: Psychiatric Nursing

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