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    [QUOTE=KittyinNj;5456505]Ive passed my boards, graduated in may from a well known school in NJ. Got a 3.5 gpa. with 3 years of big pharma experience. IS it just me or is it really this impossible to find a job? How are people with 0 years of work exp who graduated getting jobs and someone who has some work exp and a decent gpa from a good school not getting any luck?

    I am at the point of giving up and actually gonna start looking on the west coast or even in georgia or s carolinia. Im loosing hope here any advice helpful hints this is making me sad and depressed
    thanks![/QUOTE Hey Gang.....
    I happen to know there is an acute care hospital in Vineland, HealthSouth Rehab....and they hire new grad nurses. I used to work there, and we had new nurses all the time to orient. Give them a try

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    Hi 2011....
    I can tell you a little secret! First, I don't know exactly where you live....but down in Cumberland County, Bridgeton, there is a facility called Cumberland Manor, they are definitely looking for LPN's....and RN's per diem. Give them a try if it's close or you don't mind driving.

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    Hi Everyone.....
    Just wanted to post a few words of encouragement for the new RN's looking for a job.
    I graduated last May 09...and I finally "hit the lottery", I got a wonderful job in a LTC facility. After about 2000 resumes and countless hours on the computer (and only 2 interviews!) I start my first job next monday. I know it is so frustrating!! But , DO NOT give matter how frustrating you may feel! During this 14 month search, I learned things about myself I never knew before. This was one of the most difficult trials in my life. Maybe because I have two children who depend on me and I just wouldn't accept failure as an option. So Please....Keep doing what you're doing, and it will pay off.
    God Bless all of you for your support!!!

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    Hi Ladybug.....
    can you e-mail me, I have a few questions to ask you if you don't mind.
    thanks a million!

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    Hello my brothers and sisters in nursing!!
    Just have a quick question to ask.
    Does anyone here work at the Memorial Hospital of Salem County???
    I just have a few questions I would love to ask you, if you do.
    Thanks A Million,

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    Greetings Fellow brothers and sisters in nursing!!
    How is everything down south? I just thought I would kindly ask if anyone knows of any hospitals hiring new graduate nurses now. It's really tough up here in Jersey, I graduated in May 09...and can't even get an interview! I have a sister who lives near Ft. Smith, so anything close to that vicinity.... I would Deeeeeply appreciate your kindness and supportful help!
    Take Care and God Bless :heartbeat

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    Hi All,
    I have kind of a dumb question....I recently graduated this May 2009.
    One recruiter asked if I had any reference letters and I told her I didn't.
    I think maybe... she thought there was something wrong with me.
    To be quite nursing school, I never really "clicked" with any of my
    instructors. I was very quiet....did my job and didn't ask any questions. I never gave
    them any problems what so ever. I didn't ask them for a reference, because I was
    afraid they would say No. Anyway, is it so important that I need them to get my
    first job? Basically, they would just give some "snow job" reference anyway.
    Any opinions on this one.

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    Hi Summit....I can share your anxiety! I just took my nclex exam on monday 6-22 and I just found out this morning I passed. My "studying" consisted doing about 5000 nclex questions from different review books....Saunders, etc. I used the books and also the cd's . I learned things from these books that we didn't learn in nursing school. I mean, little detail things like "pheochromocytoma"!! Just remember when you see this word, think about high blood pressure. It's kind of hard to re-study all you learned in just keep practicing as many nclex questions as you can. I believe 100% this was the key to my being successful on the exam. Good Luck!!