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    [QUOTE=KittyinNj;5456505]Ive passed my boards, graduated in may from a well known school in NJ. Got a 3.5 gpa. with 3 years of big pharma experience. IS it just me or is it really this impossible to find a job? How are people with 0 years of work exp who graduated getting jobs and someone who has some work exp and a decent gpa from a good school not getting any luck?

    I am at the point of giving up and actually gonna start looking on the west coast or even in georgia or s carolinia. Im loosing hope here any advice helpful hints this is making me sad and depressed
    thanks![/QUOTE Hey Gang.....
    I happen to know there is an acute care hospital in Vineland, HealthSouth Rehab....and they hire new grad nurses. I used to work there, and we had new nurses all the time to orient. Give them a try