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  • Feb 5

    Hi there!

    We're not allowed to refer to instructors by name on these forums. However, I did have a gentleman with five characters in his last name and a PhD, if that helps.

    Dr. 12345 was great!

  • Dec 16 '15

    Hi Windynurse!

    I am in the same boat with a previous bachelor's. Selecting an RN-BSN program is daunting, isn't it? So many programs exist. At first, I was dead set on attending Western Governors University, despite the flat 3.0 GPA, as the price and format are great! However, after further deliberation, I have decided I would prefer my GPA to more accurately reflect my specific individual performance, in order to be competitive for future studies.

    Have you looked at Southern New Hampshire University or Granite State College (GSC)? Both are in New Hampshire and require only nursing classes to award a BSN to nurses with a previous bachelor's degree. The SNHU program consists of five 6-credit courses, which is great and is similar to the University of Massachusetts–Boston online RN-BSN program (it requires recommendations and a clinical rotation in Boston, though everything else is online). GSC requires 7 nursing courses. However, neither program is yet CCNE accredited, being too new to have achieved such accreditation.

    I am also considering Ohio University and Notre Dame College, both in Ohio.