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    Quote from JDSDVC
    Yes, the letters went out Friday...Got mine today, and I'm in the accelerated program! Good Luck to all
    Congratulations! I also got my acceptance letter for the accelerated program! I'm so excited Looking forward to meeting you in August!

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    I bought the TEAS prep book, and it was pretty helpful. There wasn't a whole lot of studying to do for the reading, just read everything very carefully and double check your answers. All the math you need is covered in the TEAS book. The grammar part also has everything you need in it. The science section was probably the worst because the prep book didn't have everything in it, so I also bought a Kaplan nursing exam review book to brush up on that part. Also take a practice exam online to make sure that you can do the problems quickly enough. Hope this helps, and good luck!

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    I'm sorry about that

    My overall GPA is a 3.39. Out of the 11 prereqs I have finished, I have 7 A's and the rest B's. My TEAS was a 95%. I don't have a great GPA, but I guess the TEAS made up for it or something.

    Good luck on UWG and CSU!

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    an interview letter, I mean. I haven't been accepted.

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    I received mine a couple days ago.