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    These are my first 8 months as RN.I graduated back on december 2010 and searched for a job for 4months.Finally I got hire for a local community clinic. Salary is excellent they pay me as new grad $2 more dollars than in a hospital, they offer two retirement accounts, my insurance is free (I only have to pay for Doctor visit),offer low cost babysitting benefits,but I am not gaining experiecence as a RN. I only do patient education and I am on the phone 60% of my time scheduling patients visits or diagnosis studies.

    I recently got accepted to work for a hospital, salary will be decrease for $0.50 less than my current salary, I have to wait 2 1/2 months to get benefits and for my children to get insurance benefits,only offer 401k retirement,but I will gain a lot of experience as a RN, and will be able to move to different departments if I wish after working for one year in the hospital. What should I do? should I exchange experience for benefits and decrease salary? or should I stay in the clinic with good benefits but gaining not experience?


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    I recently graduated as RN, and I have being working in a community clinic for 3 months (this is my first job as RN). The benefits are great and pay is excellent!, We have 6 MAs a couple of LVNs and two RNs. As a new grad I feel that I am not learning anything new. I am doing the same job as a MA,basically taking VS,returning pt phone call (lab result,scheduling and refill of Rx). MAs resent the LVNs and RNs since they get pay way less money, and are doing everything that a RN is doing. MDs do all physical assessment and critical thinking. I can not move a finger without consulting the MD.Every little thing is control by MDs even pt education. I feel that I am doing a secretary job more than a RN job. should I stay in this job for a year so I can be consider an "experience nurse" ,or should I start looking for another job in a hospital set in?

    Thanks for your time!

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    thanks karl and rn/writer. Tomorrow it will be another day. I will start to handle this kind of situations in a better way.

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    I am a new graduate. I have being working for a community clinic for the last 3 months.
    We get a lot of patients that are in pain meds for example I had one today that needed refills on
    Ultram (tramadol)

    He broke his back 7ys ago and has being taking those meds since them. The MD (new MD for the patient) decided to refill only Ultram and flexeril and sent him to a pain management doctor.
    The pt was very upset because he also wanted his vicoprofen. The worse part is this MD always send me as messenger to tell this pts that certain pain killers Rx won't be refill by the MD, so I am the one that has to deal with their fit.

    Since I don't have experience dealing with long time user pain killers pt's. I am not sure if it was a good idea to get this pt out of vicoprofen. What I understand ultram and vicoprofen taken at the same time seems to be kind of a lot!

    I will appreciate your advise