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    These are my first 8 months as RN.I graduated back on december 2010 and searched for a job for 4months.Finally I got hire for a local community clinic. Salary is excellent they pay me as new grad $2 more dollars than in a hospital, they offer two retirement accounts, my insurance is free (I only have to pay for Doctor visit),offer low cost babysitting benefits,but I am not gaining experiecence as a RN. I only do patient education and I am on the phone 60% of my time scheduling patients visits or diagnosis studies.

    I recently got accepted to work for a hospital, salary will be decrease for $0.50 less than my current salary, I have to wait 2 1/2 months to get benefits and for my children to get insurance benefits,only offer 401k retirement,but I will gain a lot of experience as a RN, and will be able to move to different departments if I wish after working for one year in the hospital. What should I do? should I exchange experience for benefits and decrease salary? or should I stay in the clinic with good benefits but gaining not experience?