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  • Jul 22 '12

    That's on the lower side for Boston but your experience there will give you a huge advantage in the future. As a new grad you're not in a place to negotiate as far as I'm concerned, especially in this market. I would take that without a second thought! Not sure where you'll be working but I know many of the larger hospitals offer fantastic benefits which make up for a lower salary.

  • Jul 20 '12

    A lot of things matter here... is this a union hospital or a non-union hospital? That it is an OR position matters not... most places pay their nurses by experience not by specialty. Is it in Boston proper or just in MA? Actual Boston hospitals tend to pay more than the community hospitals outside the city.

    At a union hospital in the city proper, I would expect around $30/hr. Outside of the city, the pay would be less. The farther out you go, the bigger the pay discrepancy tends to be. For non-union hospitals in the city, I'd expect about 10% less than the union hospitals. I believe that when I left my hospital (non-union) in Boston, new grads were coming in making around $28/hr. I started at $27/hr in 2007 so that they are only making $28/hr 5 years later tells you somewhat how things are financially around here.

  • Feb 23 '09

    Please Please can we have friendly debates and opinions

  • Feb 20 '09

    Biok8e your post comes off almost as if you're rubbing it in tax payers' faces that you're able to stay home with your family, go to school, and not have to work. I think all of us that had to bust our butts to work through nursing school wish we were given that opportunity. I had to work three jobs 40-60 hours a week to pay my way through school, on top of student loans. I slept very little and worked very hard. If you want to make ostentious posts of gratitude, make them to US. It's thanks to the taxpayers, not the government, that you're able to do that.