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  • Mar 31

    My horror stories usually aren't patients, they are patients' families. We recently had a LOM, fx hip, CVA, lost his ability to swallow, can't even handle his own secretions, yankuered-out-the-yingyang,now having a PEG inserted because wife is not willing to let him die. Wife is a tyrant. Wife keeps a notebook at the bedside. wife writes down everything you do, what your name is, what your shift is, what you look like and what you have on. Wife calls on the bell every five or so minutes - "Will you come in here and look at my husband? He doesn't look good".

    Well, no, dear, he doesn't look good - he's fixin to die. He has given up the will to live. The doctors have told you all this ad nauseum.

    "Well can he have a private nurse?"

    "Sure, you can hire a private nurse, to do his personal care".

    "No, I mean you guys supply a private nurse." And she is serious.

    The she writes down in her book - 3:37 pm - Nurse LilyBlue (wearing black and white scrub top with red hair) tells me that the hospital will not provide a personal nurse. LilyBlue says my husband is one of 7 patients assigned to her at the moment".

    Calls me back in the room to turn her husband five minutes later. (LilyBlue turned husband, I called for her at 3:41 and she didn't arrive until 3:44). back in room every 20 minutes or so.

    The wife had a five ring binder filled.

  • Oct 19 '16

    No reason for him to yell. He could have taken it up with the nurse's manager if necessary. Most doctors are not absuive to me in any way, but when they are, I say, "I called you professionally as a nurse to address an issue. When you are ready to address it, call me back and we can talk sensibly. I have fulfilled my obligation and can document that". Then I quietly hang up. I've actually only done that three times in my career. All three times I was called back within five minutes and the doctor apologized.