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  • Jan 7 '10

    Nip it in the bud at the time of occurrence..I politely say in a no nonsense tone of voice " I have this under control". Once in a blue moon someone will not get it the first time and you will have to press the issue. It should be short and sweet and professional..anything else and you need to take the person aside. I like to live in the present and deal with it right then so I do not have to take it home

  • Jan 7 '10

    Anyone who vilifies a coworker to appease the patient, by playing the good guy bad guy in the patient's presence, has got to be spoken to directly by a manager immediately; tolerating this behavior by stating that "he's only prn" is in my view an attempt to take on more of the same at a later date.

  • Oct 18 '09

    Quote from dannyc12
    Again, we happily get mandatory hepatitis and other vaccines, but because of recent hysteria over vaccines and health care reform, suddenly getting a flu shot when there is a particularly nasty strain out and about is a bad idea.

    The efficacy of flu (and other) vaccines has a massive trail of evidence and data supporting it. There are plenty of good, sound, evidence based reasons to mandate this vaccination.
    Perhaps it's a freedom thingy...You know that when a law is passed, a freedom is curtailed. I'm sick and tired of new laws that chip away at our personal freedom. If we wanted to be treated like a cititzen of Russia...we could just move there.

  • Oct 18 '09

    I know there are pages and pages by now regarding the NYS Health Dept. mandate for vaccinations by ALL health care workers, volunteers, students, cafeteria workers, etc who has, in the course of their day, direct patient contact. Once we allow the government to start taking away our right to choice here, we will begin the downhill snowball effect with other aspects of our lives.

    There are many comments from folks making the same statements many of us here in NY are making; I will not be getting the H1N1 vaccine or the seasonal flu vaccine. There is not enough evidence that the testing is complete and this is the same situation that occurred in 1976 with the vaccine rushed through and over 4000 people developing life altering or lethal reactions. I'm not interested. Also, the manufacturers getting immunity from any law suits that may come from reactions to the vaccine seems to me to be an indication that they may expect this to happen. The biggest concern for many of us is losing the ability to practice the art of nursing, the career path that we chose because we are loving, caring, nurturing, selfless individuals because we refuse a vaccine. It is not a choice for us here, it is get the shots or be terminated by November 30th. Forget that we have been taught on an ongoing basis the infection control techniques necessary to prevent the spread of infection of any kind. No other option is being given here.

    All the other states are watching this to see where it goes. If they are allowed to get away with this, watch out nurses everywhere. There was another rally in Albany today, Oct. 14th. Hopefully and prayerfully, an injunction will be granted because if NYS loses the number of nurses that it will on November 30th, we better all hope to not need to be hospitalized here.

  • Oct 12 '09

    nurses, it is time for the blue flu! if you don't know what it is, ask a cop:, that is 50.
    time to organize!

  • Oct 4 '09

    When did the government issue a TB vaccination, that must be something new I never heard of it.....hhhhhmmmm. Well I won't be getting that either, used to work in a TB sanitorium as a volunteer when I was a teen just visiting the sick, I would play cards, help feed them, or take them to the activity room, they needed company too.....and I had the flu once back in 1975 before I went into the military....ever been in the military? They load you with vaccines especially when you go overseas.......the people who get the flu shots shouldn't have a problem with the ppl not getting one, because they won't get sick right??? Isn't that why they went and got their shots?? They are vaccinated against those who don't like the idea, I don't feel I am being selfish, it's my personal choice and as I have read on these posts, I'm not alone. And yes I do go into patients rooms who have TB, I have to work at the bedside with the type of nursing job I do, and they also come to the area I work before they are diagnosed and cough all over me, but I see them as sick ppl. I usually wear a mask and if they are coughing or such I will put a mask on them, but you know how I look at the sick...... this person could be any one of my family members and why should I treat them any differently. We are all in this world together, we will be born and we will die, and that is going to happen to all of us. Universal Precautions need to be more closely adhered to, not one gets ill on purpose. Oh and don't forget to wash your hands.

  • Oct 3 '09

    Would you take an AID/HIV vaccination that came out yesterday or would you wait and see how it affected other people?

    I am all for keeping patients safe...but this N1H1 thing has not even come out father in law bought a Nissan Titian the first year they came out and it had all kinds of problems (best friend started selling cars right out of high school, now does accounting and manages an entire Lithia Dodge, says never to buy the first year a car/truck comes out)...I bought my Window Vista when it first came out had some problems...still does, and they are finally saying the updated Vista models that are now hitting the floor have all the "kinks worked out" (bro in law is a computer nerd, says you never buy a computer the first year it comes out).

    We already have a nursing and physician shortage. Are they planning for what is going to happen when all the health care workers are out because of all the "kinks" that are still being worked out with the N1H1? (which was required of them to take in order to bills to pay? Want to keep your job? All you have to do it take this new vaccine that has not even hit the market and only took a few months to create...never mind it takes YEARS for most drugs to be created and tested...) Just seems scary that something that is injected into us, that they have not even finished making, is required for us to take. Is this America? Dorthy I don't think we are in Kansas anymore.

  • Oct 3 '09

    I will not be forced to take any kind of medication. I am also not making anyone else sick by not taking a vaccination. Please research the statistics on the number of people who get diseases against which they have been vaccinated. I am not carrying any disease that you have not been exposed to at any public place.
    Seriously, I doubt there is any conspiracy, and well meaning public health officials actually believe the statistics they choose to believe, and ridicule any statistics they don't believe in as junk science. The only thing that is wrong is that when any group of people forces any other individual to do what THEY believe is right, the consequences spread too far.
    It is sad when someone has a child that dies from a preventable cause, but it is just as sad if a NURSE dies from an injection that was mandated by an employer. The money from the employer to the nurse's family doesn't bring the nurse back, either.

  • Oct 3 '09

    Quote from nurse2009
    I believe that all vaccines should not be mandatory to anyone...we live in a country that still allows us to have choices. But if you are risking someone's life by working around that person possible being sick, don't you think it would be smart to get the vaccine? How many times as a nurse do they frown on you because you call into work for the sniffles or maybe a low grade fever. We are taught in school to work through the pain and come in even when we are sick. it is sad but true. Help your patients and family and think about getting your flu vaccine this year. I want to know that if my family has to go to the doctors or hospital or anywhere else, that I don't have to worry about the person who is caring for my family. I don't wont to worry about that person making them sick because they are not properly immune from diseases that may be going around. I believe I am a knowledgeable, intelligent person that has done my research because of where I work and what I do. I will get the vaccine and do the same for my kids. Here is a question for everyone. Have you ever had a child die of the flu or known or cared for a child with the flu who has is heart retching to say the least. I have! I rather risk the side effect than have another child die from the flu and Im not talking about kids that are high risk with respitory or any other complication that can suppress the immune system. I'm talking about the healthy child that one day is fine and a few days are dead from the flu. It happens and it happens way to much.
    I'm very passionate about this because I never want to go through the loss of loosing a health child again because they got the flu.
    :heartbeatTricia RN:heartbeat
    You have the right to risk any side effects to YOUR person that you wish. You do not however, have the right to expose anyone else to those side effects.

  • Oct 3 '09

    Making this mandatory is strictly profit driving political lobbying.

    ...and the herds will follow.

  • Oct 3 '09

    Quote from userg
    facilities i've worked at have policies for visitor requirements for mrsa, tb, and c.diff. and visitors don't complain.
    but the point of the flu vaccinations is not just for your personal health. it is for the good of your patients. i'm in the profession to help people get better, not expose them to new problems. vaccines should never be mandatory. this is america! but if you are willing to make your patients worse, why are you a nurse in the first place?
    no one wants to make their patients worse unless they (the workers) are mentally ill. see how expertly these evildoers are? how skilled at getting us to do their bidding? guilt and economics. seems to work just about every time.

    being a nurse does not mean giving up all rights. what if they told you you had to change your religion to keep your job? or contribute to their favorite charities (i was told on one job that if i did not contribute to united way that i was not going to be able to get ahead. i did not contribute, will never do so because of them telling me that. i sweat blood for my pay and will be charitable to whom i choose, not to whom some boss tells me i "have to".)

    another example: jews were forced to become christians or die in spain and probably many other countries a few hundred ago. do you think that or something similar could never happen to you or happen in america? please wake up and see what is happening in our country.

    not wanting to put some foreign matter into your body is not "willing to make our patients worse". it is standing up for what an individual nurse believes. anyway, don't forget the "herd immunity" view. maybe your patients are already vaxed.

    what if your employer tried to force you to swear an oath to do, believe, or say something you really genuinely objected to? what if they said you have to send your kids to a certain school? or believe in a certain political view?

    slippery slope. where does it have the potential to lead? oh, it's just a little shot. well, hitler started small, too. and castro promised an open election and no confiscation of private land, for instance. history speaks about these gents more eloquently than i could.

  • Oct 3 '09

    So, if we can be mandated to get a flu shot (seasonal or H1N1) and punished by having to wear PPE all flu season or quit our job, why can't we mandate that visitor's also wear PPE? Seriously, even with contact isolation, visitor's aren't forced to wear PPE or even wash their hands! Seems to me they're endangering us, and administration doesn't back us up when we try to enforce precautions. The whole arguement of "protect the community" for making us get the shot is hypocritical in my eyes. How about making visitor's wear masks and wash their hands? Especially before going into the cafeteria or elevators! Oh, I know why...wouldn't want the Press Ganey scores to drop!

  • Oct 3 '09

    I'm always cautious of "there is no evidence..." statements.

    A majority of our scientific studies are profit driven, and corporate/privately funded. I have too many friends doing doctoral studies in the UC system saying their research is totally corrupted by binding contracts that restrict their ability to report findings that could potentially disrupt getting "products" to the market (w/ the UC system in such financial distress, they are turning more and more to private funding. Those who fund your research basically own you) It's unfortunate. Additionally, the funding for studies that won't bring in money is drying up. Science is increasingly becoming all about "the bottom line" just like our education system, our healthcare system, or government systems....

    Additionally, the scientific process can then take 10,20, 30 years to "prove" anything as harmful. Even then, there's nothing definitive and there's always a contradicting study somewhere.

    I wasn't vaccinated as a child, never had a flu shot. I enjoy fantastic health. When I travelled abroad to places like Africa and India, I definately got vaccines for yellow fever, and hepatitis etc. This made sense to me.

    I wish I wasn't loosing faith in the scientific process, but until it's actually a mode of intellectual inquiry rather than a process for generating revenue, I'm taking it all with a grain of salt.

  • Sep 30 '09

    In our school, we had to sign that we read the syllabus and the school handbook....and in the handbook it specifically stated something like "if you see someone cheating - you will report them" Did you have to do something similar?

    If you were in the hospital and saw someone doing something wrong - what would you do? Stand idly by...hoping that the person would get caught eventually? Stand up for your profession! You know what the right thing to do is and what the chicken thing to do is.....BE BRAVE! Do what is right.

  • May 16 '09

    "BTW I have assisted with a few and the babies get a local (most doctors these days)"

    Sure they do...

    A recent retrospective study was performed at a top hospital in Chicago.
    Publlshed October 11, 2004, by Peggy Peck, this study is titled "Analgesia Underused for Management of Circumcision Pain".

    In this study, a researcher went back through 5 years (1999-2004) of hospital records and checked whether anesthetic use had been recorded.

    Out of 108 circumcisions, only 8 were marked for anesthetic.

    The researcher couldn't believe it, so they checked the pharmacy charts to see whether anesthetic had been ordered.

    They found that anesthetic had been ordered from the pharmacy, for only 35%-40% of circumcisions.

    An excerpt from the study:

    Of 191 male infants identified in the review of 400 charts, "56% underwent circumcision," .....
    All circumcisions were performed by obstetricians. "Dorsal penile block was used in seven infants and subcutaneous ring block was used in one infant,"...

    ....Another telling finding, he said, was that the medical charts indicated no discussion of circumcision pain management with parents.

    If you want to view it instead of just taking my word for it, first you must register here:

    Then click this link: